Indy Without Kids: 12 Dates for Couples in 2019

Monthly Date Nights in Indianapolis

For the past two years I gifted my husband a date per month. Each date was already arranged so there was no thinking involved, we just booked a sitter and headed out. This year I didn’t gift him the dates, but we plan to continue the tradition of at least one date a month that isn’t the usual dinner and a movie. I’ve been thinking a lot about “manly” dates…things that guys might tend to do on their own. Try out this list of dude-friendly dates for 2019! And if you still need more ideas, check out our list of the best Indianapolis date ideas.

January Date Night Ideas

Stay warm while being active at Zip City. Ziplining, laser tag, indoor soccer, trampoline park, rock walls, and more. Leave the kids at home so you can really get your zip on!

February Date Nights

Bundle up and hit the slopes together. The tubing slopes at Koteewi Run, that is. Nothing says romance like holding on to each other in the freezing cold at high speeds!

March Date Nights 

Play video games together. Get out of the house and try out Tappers Arcade together. It’s a bar, it’s an arcade, it’s both!

April Date Nights

Take a night out on the town and try out a cigar bar. You don’t have to be a smoker to enjoy the vibe in Nicky Blaine’s.

May Date Nights 

The weather is warming up so get out to Top Golf. You don’t have to be a golfer to enjoy the Top Golf game, and the food is worth a trip on it’s own.

June Date Nights 

The weather is good so get outdoors to Eagle Creek Park. Rent a kayak or take a swim, or hike some trails together.

July Date Nights

You need a date night and a good beer. Hit up Books N Brews for great food and drinks along with a good book, games, or live music. What could be better?

August Date Nights 

Some dudes are into shooting things. That’s just a fact. Take your guy to a shooting range like Shoot Point Blank to try your hand at shooting a gun. Guns not your thing? Check out the Koteewi Archery Range.

September Date Nights 

Sometimes a little competition is fun and healthy. Take out your aggression in a game of paintball at Indy Acres.

October Date Nights

It’s scary movie season, so get out to a haunted house with the one you love (to hide behind). Check out our list of some of the best haunts to go with no kids in tow HERE.

November Date Nights

It’s holiday time and we could all use a reminder to stay active. Try a date night at a climbing gym like Climb Time Indy.  

December Date Nights

It’s the season of Nutcracker Ballets and holiday light displays. Cut your man some slack and get him out for a night at Main Event. With video games, laser tag, bowling, and more you can’t go wrong.

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