Happy $2 Tuesday! The Indiana State Fair offers special deals for the whole family every Tuesday. $2 admission, $2 midway rides and $2 food deals!

My friend Lori did the hard work of scoping out the Indiana State Fair $2 Tuesday deals and sharing them with us! Perfectly picked emojis, courtesy of Lori also!

$2 Tuesday Food Deals

🥘 $2 Mushroom (heaping) Side at Sirloin Tips 
🍪$2 Deep-fried Oreos x2
🥟$2 Egg Roll 
🍜$2 Mac n’ Cheese 
🍎$2 1/2 size Cider Slush (Wilson’s Corn)
🍕$2 Cheese Pizza slice (Spaghetti Eddies) 
🥠$2 Mouse Ears
🥨$2 Ben’s Pretzels
🌭$2 Corn Dog 
🍖$2 Pulled Pork Sliders from the Indiana Pork Tents
🍗 $2 Pulled BBQ Turkey Sliders
🍦$2 Tiny cup of soft serve 
🍬$2 Taffy pack of 10
🍋$2 Small Lemon Shake Up
🥤$2 16 oz. Sweet Tea (King’s Tea) 
🍿$2 Kettle Corn of some obscene size I’m sure.