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This is part two in a series about preparing for having a baby. Don’t miss part one, In-Home Baby Proofing Assessment: 5 Child Proofing MeasuresThis article on child safety and baby proofing is brought to you by a partnership with Home Safe Homes. Home Safe Homes is a sponsor of the Indy with Kids website and their efforts to get families out and about, making memories in their communities.

When Kent McCool became a dad for the first time, he prepared like most new parents. When his preparations for the arrival of baby Ella landed on safety and baby-proofing his home, he decided to bring in an expert. As he quickly found out, at the time, the Indianapolis area didn’t have an expert.Kent Family ImageKent researched and learned what he needed to know in order to safeguard Ella (and eventually his son Jake) from the typical hazards in the home. An educator himself, Kent enjoyed learning and even teaching others what he learned. From there, Home Safe Homes began.Keeping our families safe in the environment that they will spend the most time is a difficult task. It’s a learn as you go type of situation for most new parents. Unfortunately there isn’t an effective cookie cutter solution for each home and each family. Kent’s training and experience help him when he meets with a family for the first time and learns about their lifestyle and gets to know their home. From there he is able to prepare a custom solution for each family.

Home Safe Homes provides services for a lifespan of ages and needs. From baby proofing, to creating ways for older adults to age in their own home and have some independence, to preparing your home for a child with special needs, Kent works with other experts in the field to be sure your home is the safest and most accessible place for your WHOLE family.

Four Reasons to Hire a Professional When It Comes to Home Safety

1. Knowledgeable on current and upcoming safety concerns and products. Kent is a Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist through the National Association of Home Builders and a member of the International Association for Childhood Safety He regularly continues his own education in the area of safety and accident and injury prevention and is in tune with changes and advances with products and solutions on the market.

2. Save time and money. There’s really no sense in purchasing every product that you see in the aisles of your local baby store or products available that are geared towards the aging community. With an assessment of your home and your needs and in some cases while meeting with Occupational Therapists and other professionals, Kent will provide you with the information you need to make the changes your situation requires.

3. Keep your home looking beautiful. Most products that you’ll purchase will be pretty invasive when it comes to installation. There will be holes put in the wall, screws attached to furniture and cabinetry and modifications that may be permanent. When you work with Home Safe Homes, professional contractors will install your equipment, keeping your home in tact so that if and when the equipment is no longer needed, it can easily be removed with no permanent damage to your home! Products are not only selected for your specific needs and lifestyle, but also to be aesthetically pleasing in your unique home.

4. Education is Key. When Kent performs your in home assessment, it’s truly in home and tailored to your home. He will share his expertise and practical knowledge with you on what types of quick and easy changes and adjustments will help you on your journey. Often his advice includes simple changes to your routine or placement of items in your home that may have never crossed your mind, yet help provide a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone in your life.


HSH Logo Horz 3 Color for webHome Safe Homes (Carmel, Indiana) is owned by Kent Kent McCool, a member of the International HSH-kent-mccool1Association for Child Safety as well as a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, father to Ella and Jake. Call for a $75, pressure free, in-home evaluation to help you prepare for your child to safely Learn, Explore and Grow. The cost of your assessment will be credited should you choose to have Home Safe Homes prepare your house for your baby or child. All modifications are done through experienced installers and designed to be aesthetically pleasing specifically in your home. In many cases, the solutions installed by professional child-proofers will bring more value to your home and will always give you peace of mind. Home Safe Homes is an Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner. Call for more information and visit the Home Safe Homes website.