This week we shut off our air conditioner and opened the windows. Soon enough we’ll shut the windows and turn the heater on. Until then we’re enjoying the outdoors and the fall beauty as much as possible. Here are the top five reasons Indianapolis with Kids readers and our family love fall.

Football, Football, Football! The Colts are playing, well, most of them. Reminders of Super Bowl are already in the air. Not all of us are fortunate enough to have season tickets to see the games nor can we necessarily afford to take our entire family. An awesome, cost effective alternative? HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL GAMES! Check the website for your local high school and head out on a Friday night with the whole family. Prices range from free to $10 but you can expect to pay about $2-5 at the majority of Varsity games.

Make it a farm fresh fall. Pumpkins, apples, raspberries, pears and more! You’ll love watching your family pick apples, select their own pumpkins and maybe even ride a pony or zipline. There’s so much to do on all of the local farms in Indy. We’ll post some ideas later in case you don’t already have a farm or orchard you like to visit.

Hayrides & bonfires to snuggle up with loved ones. Hayrides are so much fun and are available at some of the city parks as well as other locations around Indianapolis. Bonfires aren’t just for camping, you can have one in your backyard, at a park or yes, camp grounds.

Covered bridges and changing trees are beautiful eye candy. The Covered Bridge Festival is almost here but don’t wait for the second Friday in October (the start of the festival) to go for a walk or a drive and take in the changing leaves on the trees and the candy tones that will litter the ground.

Haunted houses and corn mazes will have you lost for fun OR in terror. Ready for a scare or just a challenge? There are tons of haunted houses in Indianapolis that try their hardest to scare the scaries right out of you. Probably best saved for teens unless you check out some of the “lights on” hours for children. Corn mazes aren’t all scary and they can be a fun chance to learn about direction, choices and sticking together.