I have been living in Indianapolis and blogging for over 10 years. This weekend marks the 10th anniversary of when I left home and began the long drive cross country with my dad. We drove from California to Indiana in record time, mostly because dad was driving and he allowed me to sleep.

The emotions that came with being so young and not just moving out of my parents home but moving AWAY from my home were big. Many tears followed me from home but the excitement of a new adventure and the unknown was just too magnetic.

Here I am, ten years later and I really feel like a part of the community in Indianapolis. In some ways it took the whole ten years to get to this place but in others I was welcomed and folded in from day one. Blogging has broadened my horizons and allowed me to meet many of you and to experience some fantastic things here in Indiana. Thank you for being a part of this ever growing journey.

I’m so excited to continue to grow and meet new people who love this place as much as I do and one way I am doing that is by being a part of the Indianapolis Bloggers group. Indianapolis Bloggers is a website with a collection of people who love to call this place home, no matter when or how they got here, and I am one of them.