94 Days of Summer in Indianapolis with Kids – Days 22-27

94 Days of Summer in Indianapolis with Kids – Days 22-27

101 Days of Summer List for the Current Year

Day 22 (Tuesday, July 12th) – Circle Center Mall is airconditioned and you can hang out in the Artsgarden which has over 300 free performances and exhibits every year. Your kids will appreciate the traffic zooming down the street below. Today at 12:15 catch a live Jazz performance. Often you’ll see youth musical performances such as the Symphonic Youth Orchestra or the Youth Jazz Ensemble.

Day 23 (Wednesday, July 13th) – Wednesdays are a very popular time for Farmer’s Markets AND children’s story times. Visit our calendar page for some ideas!

Day 24 (Thursday, July 14th) – Tired of fair food? How about

This week Lulu met her future husb —- er, Friend. Her new friend!

some festival food? Visit the Mid Summer Festival at St. Christopher; free admission, 50 cent carnival game tickets, rides, and adult gaming (ahem)! Polka Boy will be performing live on Friday night – Fun for the WHOLE family!

Day 25 (Friday, July 15th) – For $5 per person you can take your family to the once a month Friday Night Bonfires at Holliday Park (6363 Spring Mill Road) from 6:30-8pm. Your fee will include s’mores and roasting sticks as well as a super cool conversation about Owls. You are invited to bring hot dogs to roast as well. Registration is required before the event (http://www.hollidaypark.org/programs.html).

We’re dog sitting for some pretty awesome pups! Lulu loves them both!

Day 26 (Saturday. July 16th) Get warmed up for the State Fair by checking out some county fairs! Today you have several choices but might we recommend Hamilton County Fair or Lawrence County Fair?

Day 27(Sunday, July 17th) You must have known that since it was summer there would be a schedule packed full of festivals and fairs! The Johnson County Fair begins today and we can’t wait!

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