A Fire in Our Home

Yesterday we returned home from a beautiful day of swimming in a friend’s pool and there had been a fire in our home. Thankfully, it was a small fire and it put itself out. In fact, the Fire Department didn’t even come until we called them at the insistence of my dad and our insurance agent. When they arrived they came into our house and checked the walls with a heat camera and were blown away by the results of our “bathroom fire”. Completely contained in one bathroom, the fire burned and spread only a terrible smell and a lot of soot over the rest of our house.

We were told that if the door to the bathroom had not been closed and the air conditioning vent had not been covered by a magnet (to conserve energy in a seldom used room), we might have returned to nothing. Scary though considering our dog was home. Yes, our beautiful golden retriever, Pixy was a grey coated, black footed mess. We can’t say for sure what the cause of the fire was or how long it burned or what will happen from here but we do know that we are living in a hotel downtown until our home is clean and breathable again.

Thank you to our friends and family for their help with our dog, our laundry, our baby and our home. Thank you to our insurance agent, company and their associated people who had a place for us to stay and other arrangements lined up within 1 hour of our phone call. Thank you to the Fire Department for not turning on the sirens when they visited our home.

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  1. Amy (Super Healthy Kids)

    Wow! You are super lucky it wasn’t worse! It was great to meet you tonight. Thanks for hanging out with me 🙂

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