A Must Have in Our Summer Bag

A Must Have in Our Summer Bag

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Our family is on the go year round. We’re always here or there or jetting across town and sometimes across the country for this and that. Most of the time it feels like we’re living out of the car and if you see us out and about, you’ll know exactly who we are because my stroller is decked out like the vehicle from the Beverly Hillbillies movie. I’m always forgetting something but when it comes to being prepared for adventures, I’m your girl.

stroller of shame

Seriously, look at the picture of our stroller from our day at the water park. Doesn’t it look like I know EXACTLY what to pack…like I didn’t forget ANYTHING? Food, water, towels, clothes, sunblock and swim diapers. I’m not the best at packing, but I’m the best at bringing everything that we need.

In order to be prepared for everything, you must pack clothes to change into in case the kids get wet, muddy, dirty, sticky, whatever. You never know when you might happen upon a creek that needs to be stomped, a sprinkler park that needs to be run through, a lake that needs to be crossed, a pool that you need to swim in or whatever water adventures await out there. In addition to our clothing and swimsuits, I have Huggies Little Swimmers swim diapers in my glove compartment, in the diaper bag, in our swimming/towel bag and various other places in our cars and home.

Huggies Little Swimmers 6

Huggies Little Swimmers are great for my kids that aren’t totally potty trained. Special swim diapers are designed so that they will not swell and fill up with water and explode. They’re comfortable for my kids, easy to slide on and either slide or tear off and they are stylish when worn as swim pants/bathing suit bottoms and fit well under swimsuits and shorts. With Little Swimmers, we don’t get the bubble bottom effect, we don’t get weighed down with water and we don’t get the leaking gel fill.

Huggies Little Swimmers 5

When it comes to our adventures in the water, we aren’t ever without Huggies Little Swimmers.

huggies little swimmers 4

Here’s a great Target coupon for Huggies Little Swimmers that makes them an even better deal for this summer!

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