Adaptive Swimming at Goldfish Swim School

Adaptive Swimming at Goldfish Swim School

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Membership at Goldfish Swim School offers a variety of benefits; however we love utilizing their open swim time for families! One of our four children has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. His condition makes it incredibly challenging to stay afloat in the water—even with a life jacket—as he doesn’t have the core strength necessary to balance. Goldfish Swim School is so accommodating to families with special needs children!

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We bring in Dyllan’s adaptive flotation device for open swim times, which is so important for independent swimming. Goldfish allows all adaptive flotation devices, including inflatable devices, if you wear a coast guard approved life jacket under the adaptive device. If you don’t have one, don’t worry! Goldfish has variety of complimentary life jackets available for families to borrow while they are enjoying open swim.

Though Dyllan is nine, he still requires diapering and assistance with using the restroom. The changing area within Goldfish has a large bench that is perfect for providing privacy for larger children, who no longer fit on an infant changing table. They have completely enclosed stalls that provide privacy, but still plenty of room for you and your child to get ready for swimming.

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Once you are ready to swim, there is plenty of room on the pool deck for a wheelchair or walker if you need one. In addition, the built in benches around the majority of the pool, make it so easy to sit your child down, and easily put on their flotation device. They also have a set of stairs that are great for children who can walk, but might be unsteady on their feet, as they have handicap accessible railing on either side of the stairs.

With the water temperature being 90 degrees, its also a great option for children who struggle to regulate their body temperature. When we went swimming at other pools in the past, Dyllan was cold and needing to get out of the pool within 30 minutes for a break. However, the water is so warm at Goldfish, and Dyllan can stay in to play for the entire hour of open swim without difficulties! It truly feels like a bath when you first step in! If you have a child that struggles to be safe in the water, an additional peace of mind is that there is always a lifeguard on duty while swimming at Goldfish.

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When you are done swimming, they have showers built into the pool area that are handicap accessible. This is so nice, because we can just sit Dyllan straight into his wheelchair, take him over to rinse off, and minimal to no lifting is required since the wheelchair fits straight into the shower! They also have a bathroom on the pool deck for easy changing. We use that bathroom for Dyllan when he is done swimming, since he does struggle to maintain his body temperature.  Since we don’t have to leave the pool deck for any of this, the air is still nice and warm!

If you aren’t a member yet, you can still attend family swim! It is $5 per person, with a $15 family maximum, and their open swim times are Monday- Friday, from noon-1 pm, and Friday from 6:30-8 pm, at both the Carmel and Fishers locations. For additional information, please visit their website at If you have a kiddo that requires any special accommodations or assistance in the pool, you will definitely want to check out Goldfish for your next family outing!


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