The Indiana State Museum just opened a new exhibit, A•MAZE•D: The Puzzling World of Dave Phillips, and I’m here to tell you, it’s A•MAZE•ING. (Too much? Well, it is!)

Puzzles and Mazes

There are five life-size puzzles and mazes, including a labyrinth based on the Labyrinth Memorial at New Harmony State Park. The other puzzles use color and pattern repetition to complete the mazes. Families can stay busy solving puzzles called Color Paths, Tile Maze, Step Over, and my favorite, Hop Dots. Hop Dots asks visitors to move from one side of the board by stepping only on circles that have coordinating inner or outer colors of the circle you are standing on. This exhibit is great for all ages, but Step Over is specifically geared toward the older crowd as it’s pretty tricky! Don’t be frustrated if you can’t solve any of the puzzles. There is at least one solution for every puzzle posted on the wall.

The walls of this exhibit are decorated with even more puzzles and mazes! Look closely and you will find animal murals, labyrinths, and maze mandalas adorning the walls by each puzzle.

The Cardboard Castle

The star of the show, though, is a giant cardboard castle maze. The maze is made from 500 cardboard boxes, and is perfect for all ages! Be sure to grab a “Find Your House” sheet before entering the maze. There are coloring plate stations located throughout the maze. Choose a square to color each time you find a station. When your sheet is full, you can exit the maze and use the order you colored your squares to determine which royal house you would be assigned. There is also a viewing tower in front of the maze that allows you to see the maze from a different point of view.

Good to Know

My children loved the A•MAZE•D exhibit so much that they had me return to this exhibit three different times during the day. We thought this was a great family experience that we really enjoyed. The staff at the Indiana State Museum really go above and beyond for visitors. The staff greeted my children, answered all of their questions, helped explain mazes, and even participated with them. They were very hands-on and helpful, which made this exhibit even more enjoyable.

The A•MAZE•D exhibit runs from August 31, 2019 to January 5, 2020. It will be decorated for Family Fright Night (October 11) and Celebration Crossing (November 29-January 5). This exhibit is included with general museum admission.