Occasionally we work with Amazon.com to provide you with the best tips for getting the most for your money and finding the things you love and need. My children received some school supplies for the purpose of creating this content.

I’m a huge fan of ordering a lot of our necessities from Amazon; we use the Subscribe & Save program to have our diapers delivered every month, Amazon Pantry keeps us stocked up and my books and audio books all come from Audible from Amazon. So it makes complete sense for me to add our back to school must haves on to our order this year.

We all have some “School Years Resolutions” and saving time is mine! Using the Amazon Happy School Year storefront to shop and find the school supplies from our school provided list, plus a few extras, I’m killing it in the time saving department. Plus, instead of running in to the situation where those “poly folders with three hole punches and pockets but no grommets” are totally sold out in three of the four colors we’re supposed to have….I’m totally ready with extras to share! I ordered our school supplies from Amazon last year too!

There are so many options for affordable and stylish backpacks on Amazon and they’ve curated a great collection in the Happy School Year storefront. 

My kids are always losing these items: EVERYTHING! But for real, I’m getting a pack of these to attach to their tablets, their coats and backpacks. If they make one for shoes, I’m getting those too! I already use these on my car keys.

We purchased a few Amazon Fire Tablets Kids Editions and our children have been loving some of the 20,000 included apps, books and videos. Now they even have over 1,000 apps, videos and books in Spanish! My kids will be able to complete some of their school assignments and get some studying done using their own tablet.

These are those super specific folders that I was telling you that I couldn’t find. In fact, between these and the glue sticks, I come up empty-handed or near empty-handed EVERY single school year. Amazon has them.

I feel like I’ve been looking for these erasers my whole life! Gone are the days of pink erasers leaving pinkish smudges on school papers! Grab some of these!

Does all school shopping have to be for the kids? If my children leave any of these laying around, I’m taking them. I LOVE these pens.

When my kids get home from school, they just want to create and make things. The fantastic price on this beautiful collection of construction paper means it’s going in my cart.

Why do we lose scissors so often? Not only did I order these for my kids classroom supplies, but I grabbed a few for our homework station at home.

In the past I’ve bought those ear bud type of in-ear headphones for my kids. This year they both asked if they could have the kind that go over your ears. I had no idea where to start, I’m so thankful Amazon had these in their Happy School Year store, they’re perfect for kids!

How beautiful is this Levi’s dress? This is perfect for the remaining summer months that we’re in school and then in the fall, my kids can just pair it with leggings!

This Amy Byer a-line dress is super soft and easy to put on. My kids won’t need help getting ready in the morning.

I’m obsessed with these simple pull over dresses and the Roxy brand is one that I grew up with and continues to provide styles I want my kids to wear.

This Tommy dress is machine washable and super cute and stylish no matter the season.

Are your kids super picky about the jeans they wear? I have one kid who won’t wear denim and another who is specific about the cut. I’m happy Amazon has free returns so we can make a change if needed.

This color block tee caught my son’s eye and he picked it out for his back to school haul. Love it.

This attractive color block tee caught my son’s eye and he had to have it.

Alright, so this isn’t a school supply but I’m marking it as completely essential. We’ve been using the VivoFit Jr. watches and activity trackers for two years now and they’ve been a game changer when it comes to my kids doing their chores and getting rewarded. You can add “coins” to their watch for performing tasks and chores and track their activity level and sleep for the day.

I’m impressed with the quality and warmth of this zip up sweatshirt. I’m looking forward to that cool fall weather so my little guy can put it on!

These Amazon Essentials jeans look great! My son will love wearing them and look good!