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Back to school shopping is one of those things that always sounds like fun, but often leaves me with a stress headache and has my kids in tears. I can never find the glue sticks, that green folder with the tabs, clear front display and two pockets is ever allusive and that eight pack of markers — it doesn’t exist — I’m sending a 10 pack but keeping my two favorite colors, okay?

The past few years, Amazon Back to School has been an incredible frustration reliever. I find exactly what’s on the list AND score a great deal on a few items that make back to school easier for our whole family! Amazon even has clothing and accessories AND the things my kids need for after school activities; ballet shoes, running shoes and sports equipment.

What made it into our cart this year? Let me share.

Remember these markers from when we were kids? What did the brown one smell like? That was my favorite. I have an art loving kid that loves to explore with all of her senses, these Mr. Sketch scented markers are going in my cart for her. They match her unique artsy style perfectly.

There’s no such thing as too many binders when you have a large family. We’re stocking up on these white binders with the clear overlay so the girls can show off photos of their travels or their latest drawing. My kids only need two this year, you never know when something will come up and they need another. Also, I need a spot to start filing all of those school papers that come in. You know, the ones that have information on them that I’ll need throughout the year?

Since our last name falls under the A-M supply list, we’re typically responsible for providing dry erase markers for the classroom. This kit is a great deal, with the whiteboard cleaner and dry erase marker, Mrs. A will be able to teach my kiddos what they need to learn. For added fun, I’m getting this color variety pack.

If you buy only one thing for your home this fall, get this pack of three reams of printer paper. I’m forever running out of printer paper — my kids use it for printing up practice worksheets for math, art projects and cards. I use it for recipes, calendaring and printing coupons.

My littles are working hard on their handwriting and manipulating their pencils and pens. These stylish triangular shaped mechanical pencils and writing pens arrived on my doorstep this week! My kids find that they are much easier to use and handle while trying to learn how to write neatly and properly.

Forget the New Year, fall is the time that I really get organized. It’s like a necessary refresh in my year. I clean up all of the dirt from barefoot summer days, wash and pack away the beach towels, hang the life vests in storage and freshen up my organizational procedures. I’m excited to finally own a thermal laminator. Last year I bought a label maker to label everything but this year, I’m bringing this baby home to laminate emergency numbers, dinner menus and starting now, a little photo to show my kids where their toys and supplies belong.

I love that Amazon has everything we need for back to school, including products that are as unique as my kiddos. The selection and options are beyond what anyone else offers and I don’t have to bring four kids along for the ride, everything arrives at my door!

Find all of the items above and more, including back to school clothing and gear on the Amazon Back to School storefront.