Author: Julia Rock

Indianapolis Area Summer Reading Programs

It’s the first day of summer and you’re feeling optimistic. Your child’s teacher’s final words in her final email were “Enjoy your summer…and don’t forget to READ!” Of course they will read this summer…every day…for an hour…” Even with the best of intentions, sometimes making sure that everyone, particularly your reluctant readers, are reading enough. Your local library is here to help. Most libraries offer a fun event to kick-off their summer reading program, and, make weekly summer library trips fun with extra incentives and prizes for kids who meet their goals. Read on to see what library near...

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FREE Places to Play in Indy

A day off! You plan to tackle that pile of laundry and those long neglected dishes. Yet, they’ve already fought over the remote, campaigned for donuts, and have lasted all of 10 minutes with the paints or play-do sat out for them. You look at the clock. What? It’s not even 9:00 am yet? “Kids, get your shoes. Let’s go DO something.” But the problem is this:  Where? Sometimes finding a new adventure that breaks the mold but not the bank can be a challenge. The next time you’re on the hunt for a budget-friendly, family-friendly outing, try one...

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