Author: Katy Mann

Family Road Trip Destinations: 4 Hours or More From Indy | Presented by Mosquito Authority

Road trips season is near! If you’re ready to hop in the car and hit the road, we have a whole bunch of destinations to point your car towards. These trips are four hours or more from the Indianapolis area. Be sure to check back because we have a whole series of road trips for your family and these are just the first 12! Thanks to our friends at the Mosquito Authority for sponsoring this series. Make sure your family is protected from backyard nuisances like mosquitos and ticks so that when you aren’t on the road, you can...

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Indianapolis Area Chalk Art Festivals

Sidewalk chalk is a huge staple at our house during the warm months. It’s on the shopping list right up there with toilet paper, bread and milk. Our sidewalk and driveway are welcoming seas of scribbles, scrawls and mostly indecipherable things. I love talking my children to participate in the Indy area Chalk Art Festivals. We’re big fans of the annual events at both: Garfield Park¬†(May 20) Hamilton Town Center (June 10) Sometimes we pull up a square and create our own mural on the ground and other times we just walk around and admire what everyone else has...

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The Indy 500 with Kids

In case you didn’t know…ha! ha!…Indianapolis is home to the largest single day sporting event in the world, the Indy500. People travel from all over the world to be a part of the action. While residents of Indianapolis know that there is always something BIG going on, many people feel that the Month of May is the best time of year in Indianapolis. Don’t Forget to Include Your Kids Our family is what I would call, “Casual Fans” or perhaps even just the type of family that likes to go where the action is, so we don’t really need...

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