Thank you to Mabel's Labels for helping us announce the name of our third baby girl in a colorful, pretty way!

Announcing the NAME of Baby Three in Style

I never thought I’d be a mom to little girls. I’m kind of girly in that I love the color pink. I also love to wear dresses, makeup, cute shoes and pretty hair — the problem is, I don’t know how. Surely God wouldn’t inflict the pain of having ME as a mother on little girls, right? Wrong! All along we’ve had a boy name picked out for our son but this third pregnancy will place another little girl in our family. Poor, poor babies. I can’t braid hair, I have a terrible knack of not being able to purchase socks that match…anything. Shoes? Ha! Thank you to our friends for sharing your kids shoes, Lulu still calls her pink and brown shoes “Lilli shoes”…because Lilli used to wear them.

It was hard enough naming TWO little girls but then we had to come up with a THIRD girl name. When my husband Jay and I finally agreed on a name, we asked our friends from Mabel’s Labels to help us present her to the world in style…you know, girly, pink and matching style (I’m telling you, I need ALL the help I can get). We are so blessed to have these adorable, tiny little party dress loving, dancing babies in our home and we are just so excited to introduce baby #3 to you in June or July. Now that we have a name, we can stop calling her Baby #3…or Tree as my daughter calls her.


Baby #3 will be named Shaundi (pronounced Shawn-dee). I have a friend from college named Shaundi and she has really done the name justice! You know how a single person can make a name or a word either sound beauitful or ugly? The Shaundi that I know is a beautiful person inside and out, a great leader, has a contagious smile and goes after exactly what she wants.

The Original Shaundi
The Original Shaundi

Lulu has always had her own adorable labels from Mabel’s Labels. When her daycare asked us to label everything, they meant EVERYTHING; sippy cups, spoons, lunchboxes, tupperware, shoes, coats, bags…you get the picture. Because of my friends at Mabel’s, she’s always had the most stylish labels (see, I need help! It takes a village and I’m fortunate enough to have one).

Mabel’s Labels are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, washing machine and dryer safe and they last for a long, long time. In typical middle child style, Scout drinks from a bottle that still wears the “Lulu” label from THREE YEARS ago, eats from tupperware with the same branding and wears shoes with “Lulu” shoe labels. Our three year old labels are still shiny, beautiful and look like new. We’re talking high quality here, which is very important when you have THREE kids.

ml1Each of my girls are now the proud owners of a wonderful combo pack that has everything they need in it for day care, vacations, trips with the playgroup and more! We are set! And our poor little middle child has her very own name on her very own labels…as does baby Shaundi… Love that name.

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Thank you to Mabel’s Labels for helping us announce the name of our third baby girl in a colorful, pretty way! Mabel’s Labels outfitted all of our girls with labels. The above stories and opinions are my own and they are true. I reached out to ML because I LOVE their products and I wanted to share with you! When you purchase using the links above, gets a percentage of your sale and you help support the IndywithKids website.

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