Hello, Spring! Where to See Baby Animals in Indy

Spring is just around the corner.  One of our favorite things to do as a family in the springtime is to visit baby animals and luckily the greater Indianapolis area has plenty of locations where you can snuggle up with a variety of adorable creatures. If you’re looking for places to see animals throughout the year, here’s another list of Indy Area Animal Encounters.

Baby Animals at Rural King and Tractor Supply

Springtime brings baby chicks and baby ducks to Rural King and the Tractor Supply Store. You might see baby bunnies too! Stop in and see the baby animals while you pick out plants and seeds for your springtime garden planting.

Baby Animals at Fair Oak Farms

Hug a piglet at the Pig Adventure at Fair Oak Farms. If you’re lucky you can even witness the miracle of life at the farrowing barn. Families have a variety of activities to choose from  including a challenging ropes course, performing a virtual sonogram at the breeding and gestation center, and playing in a beautiful custom tree house.

Baby Animals at Conner Prairie

During the spring, there’s one week where you have the unique opportunity to visit with llamas, interact with baby sheep, shear a sheep and learn how to weave wool. Participants can even check out how Native Americans use fibers to create beautiful baskets and help Mrs. Campbell assemble a new quilt. Conner Prairie has lots of baby animals throughout the spring.

Baby Animals at Natural Valley Ranch

Feed a goat a cookie at Natural Valley Ranch. The goats on this farm love snacks so make sure to bring them stale bread and cookies along with veggies and fruits. Chickens, ponies, cats and dogs are other animals you can be sure to check out on this family friendly farm which even offers therapeutic horseback riding.

Baby Animals at Trader’s Point Creamery

Milk a cow at Trader’s Point Creamery. Go on a tour and discover a 100% organic and grass fed farm. A cow milking takes place daily and is free to the public. You can even taste homemade ice cream, cheeses, and other items in the store and at the delicious farm to table restaurant.

Baby Animals at the Indianapolis Zoo

Watch the Indianapolis Zoo website to see when babies are born! One spring there was a baby orangutan!

Feed Baby Ducks in Broad Ripple

Feed a baby duck at the painted rainbow bridge in downtown Broad Ripple. With spring coming, you are sure to see a multitude of ducklings who are bound to be hungry. Leave the bread crumbs behind and check out our guide for tips on what to bring along to feed them!

Baby Animals at Tyner Pond Farm

Tyner Pond Farm is full of baby animals and visitors are welcome at this farm. Walk around and see them all!

What’s your favorite place to see a baby animal this spring?

Katy Mann contributed to this article update.

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