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Baby Bootcamp | Exercise For Mom That Incorporates Baby

Kara Babcock is a doer. And I don’t mean that she’s just all about exercising — I mean, she DOES lead one of the most popular prenatal and postnatal exercise classes in central Indiana, but she’s a doer in every sense of the word.

When she moved from Chicago to Indy and was expecting, she wanted to find prenatal yoga classes like the ones her friends joined in the big city. She also wanted to find a community of moms to play with and do mom things and baby meetups. There wasn’t anything for her here in Indy.

After her first work trip away from her baby, she was devastated. So, she left her job. During a trip to Florida, she found exactly what she was looking for. Baby Bootcamp. It was more than just a mom exercise class – it incorporated children and the parenting community she was desperately seeking. She loved the integration of children in the classes.

Kara became certified to open Indy’s only Baby Bootcamp and she’s certified to teach prenatal and postnatal exercise classes. The last things she wants is for expecting mamas or new mamas to hurt themselves.IMG_2762

Several times each week, moms and children (ages 6 weeks to 4 years) gather together in locations on the north side and exercise through fun, activity, storytelling and singing. It’s nothing like a library story time if that’s what you’re wondering. It’s as intense and you want it to be. It’s also exactly as slow of a pace as you want it to be.

Your first class is free. Each class after that is only $15 or you can purchase 16 classes for $160 or $55 per month for unlimited classes. You can drop in when you are available. You can expect a 60 minute class that INCORPORATES children, but does not CATER to them. Bring a mat or towel, dress to workout. You might need snacks for your baby, you’ll need a stroller (but not an umbrella stroller) and water for yourself.

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