Maybe you don’t think of basketball when you think of Indy. Oh wait, of course you do! When I moved to Indiana everyone told me I HAD to watch the movie Hoosiers before I came here so that I knew what to expect (they also recommended Children of the Corn but we won’t go there).

Our family really enjoys going to sporting events, basketball is my favorite. Perhaps it was the time I spent on my high school team, warming the bench or maybe it’s the fast pace and back and forth of the game or it could be the little competitions and sideshow events that go on during the game. Right now with Purdue, Butler, Indiana State and Notre Dame all going to the NCAA Tournament, it’s a great time to get your family involved in the fun!

Head on over to ESPN Brackets PDF for a free printable bracket. What a fun activity for your family to choose the winning teams together OR make it a friendly family competition.

A LIVE basketball option is to grab some tickets to the Women’s Final Four which is taking place at Conseco Fieldhouse April 3rd and 5th. The ticket packages are pretty expensive but you can pick up tickets to individual games on websites such as:, and some ticketing agent sites.