Disney’s Little Mermaid Thrills Audiences at Beef & Boards

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Do your kids do that thing when they’re watching a movie or a television show where they say, “I’m this character,” and maybe even fight over who gets to “be” that person? Well, I always thought I was Ariel, but after seeing this performance, I think I fell in love with URSULA. The characters in the Beef & Boards production of Disney’s Little Mermaid are so full of life, you can’t help but love each and every one of them…even the villainous Ursula and her sneaky little electric eels, Flotsam and Jetsam.

The Little Mermaid at Beef & Boards

My sister in law and I took my six and nine year old daughters to see the Little Mermaid on stage at Beef & Boards. It was a beautiful night full of color and song, but be prepared, the evening shows go very late (about 10 p.m.) Families may consider opting for a matinee performance instead. The Little Mermaid is on stage now through June 30, 2019, and if it goes as well as the last few shows at Beef & Boards, tickets will be gone in a splash!

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Sebastian the crab is played perfectly with such personality and vigor, you just want to go hug that crustacean. Flounder steals the show with his crush on Ariel and his fluid swimming movements brought to stage aboard a pair of Heelys shoes, perfect for every juvenile fish in the sea.

Ariel was exactly as I remember her from the cartoon of my childhood and the most perfect scene was the canoe scene where all of the world comes together to sing “Kiss the Girl.” Her voice was perfection, her costumes were exact and she was brimming with talent from head to…Whad’ya call ’em? Oh…feet.

Scuttle, oh, Scuttle. That gull is one of a kind and quickly became a crowd favorite. From the flying on wires to his squawky voice to his crazy hair, everyone loves Scuttle.

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Tickets for Beef & Boards

Tickets are available for Little Mermaid starting at $45 per person. Children under three are not permitted to attend. Tickets for children age 3-15 years old will receive a $10 discount. All tickets include a dinner buffet and the show, plus tea, coffee or lemonade. Other beverage options and desserts are available for an additional fee.

For tickets, call the box office at 317.872.9664. For more information, including show schedule, visit beefandboards.com.


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