Update: Here’s What Time and Where the Blue Angels Flyover Takes Place

The Blue Angels are set to make a midwest flyover in tribute to the healthcare workers who have worked tirelessly throughout the past two months fighting the Covid 19 pandemic.

Blue Angels Indianapolis Flyover

The Midwest Flyover is set to take place over Indianapolis on Tuesday, May 12, 2020. Detroit and Chicago are also scheduled cities for the Midwest Flyover.

The flyover will start around 2PM EST in the south-east corner of Marion County, as the Blue Angels fly over Beech Grove. They will come across downtown towards Speedway, and then past 465 on the west side. They will turn south and head towards the airport.

At the airport, the pilots will bank left, and come back to the east side of Indianapolis, as they split 465 on the southside and I-70 coming in from Plainfield. Almost reaching I-465 on the east side of Indy, the Blue Angles will turn left again and give downtown it’s second pass, as the come along the north split of I-70/I-65. They will follow a path to the north side of the city, a mile or two west of Meridian. Once they reach 465, the pilots will mostly follow the highway back to the east side of town, where they will make one last 90 degree turn to the right around Highway 40- and head downtown for their third and final pass. This pass appears to go straight over the top of the Indianapolis skyline.  The flyover will be complete at this point around 2:11PM

Previously, Indianapolis was treated to a flyover from the Indy Biplanes group and the Indiana Air National Guard flyover.

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