The newest member of our family.

Born: Baby Shaundi is Finally Here


Baby Shaundi was born on Tuesday night. Much like her sisters, she was born with a full head of hair but hers is by far the lightest in color. She was six pounds 13 ounces and is growing stronger everyday! The tiny newborn clothes are very loose on her beautiful tiny frame and her skin is just the softest you’ve ever felt!

1045182_10100651302476684_490240658_nLulu is absolutely in love with her tiny sister. All day long she wants to hold her, to hug her, to kiss her, to be next to her. She’ll be talking about something, anything, and then drop into this high pitched voice squeaking, “She’s so CUTE!” And cute she is!

Scout gets a huge smile on her face when she sees Shaundi. She is more of an observer, doesn’t know exactly what to do. When she does try to interact, she’s a little too rough, but not because she’s mean or tough, she’s just a baby herself and doesn’t really have the control over her limbs. She’s being taught very quickly what “gentle” means.

Leaving the house as a family of five requires a lot of strategizing. I know that there are so many of you out there that do it every day and have done it for a long time. There are even more of you who do it with larger families. If I believed in a world with multiple Gods, you would be Gods and Goddesses in my book.179713_10100652043811044_1273334489_n

Going anywhere on my own with all of the babies is darn near impossible. I tried it today. Taking the kids to the Mother’s Day Out program nearly killed me. Lulu can walk and is mostly helpful with carrying something small. Scout cannot walk yet so maneuvering her and an infant and all of the diaper bag business is just…well, I can’t do it.

All of that said, we now have Shaundi with us and we are just so happy to all be together.

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Baby Shaundi Mann was born on April 29th. She died suddenly on September 4th. You can read more about our grief journey on Indy with Kids.

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