New Children’s Book by HGTV Star Mina Starsiak-Hawk

Everyone went nuts this past summer when Mina from Good Bones opened up a boutique in Indianapolis. Two Chicks District Co. was a huge hit for both fans of the hit series on HGTV and for locals who wanted to explore stylish home decor.

When I found out that Mina Starsiak-Hawk wrote a children’s book, I couldn’t wait to chat with her about raising children in Indy, building a family and being a mother.

Mina’s Children’s Book Debut

Built Together celebrates diversity and acceptance and reminds children how wonderful it is to be a part of their own unique family.

“This book comes from my heart—I wanted to show that families can come in all forms and look a little different—just like houses—and that’s great,” said Starsiak-Hawk. “What matters about houses and families is that they both have a strong foundation of trust, kindness, support, and love.”

What a beautiful family Mina and husband Steven have built — from raising Jack (age 2) and Charlie (4 months), to fostering their niece, to growing up with step-families, rescuing dogs and having a village of people of their choosing, they’ve got it good. So good in fact that Mina spills that they’re done making babies, “We’re done now. He’s vasectomy-ed.”

Mina is doing more than hinting at the idea of writing a book for fans — she has a Google Doc already going with her ideas. Writing Built Together was a step for her towards that goal.

“It was after I had Jack, and you start reading all these kid’s books and there’s some that it was like, ‘Why do you want to read this again?’ and then the Little Blue Truck, I’ll read like a hundred times and be happy. It’s a fun baby step in to writing a book…this seems like a fun thing to do. So I took the two things I know, which is construction and non-traditional families and just kind of put it together.”

“So many families now aren’t mom, dad, a couple kids and a dog. It’s same sex or surrogate or adoptive or step parents. So the idea is that you can build your family just like you want, however works for you, just like you can build your house however it works for you.”

It’s all about having a good foundations, which Mina says can include anything; love, trust, honesty, laughter.

Building a Family in Indianapolis

Where might you find this well beloved Indy family? You’ll spot them walking to Mass Ave with kids, eating a meal and then playing in a green-space near their home. And of course the Indianapolis Zoo and The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

{If you want to see Mina in action as a mom, don’t miss our video interview}

Fans will be thrilled to know that Mina and her family are probably a lot like yours when it comes down to the basics; they love to laugh and play, Jack drinks chocolate milk and they’re in the midst of eliminating the afternoon nap during the terrible two’s…and experiencing all of the typical symptoms of this.

We expect to hear a lot more from Mina when she puts pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard. She’s full of fun stories about people in the Indianapolis community. Don’t miss her story during our video interview about her neighbor’s 100 year old birthday parade.

When it comes to Indianapolis date nights, Mina and her husband enjoy visiting the new Bottleworks development on Mass Ave, dining at Livery and having brunch at Garden Table. Of course I had to tell her about a hidden gem in the same neighborhood, SoChatti Chocolate and Fowling.

Where to Buy Mina’s Book

Mina’s book, Built Together is sold locally at Kids Ink and Two Chicks District Co. You can also purchase it from online retailers.

Pre-order your copy of Built Together from Kids Ink by Friday, February 5, 2021 and Mina will autograph your copy! Kids Ink is hosting a virtual Facebook event with Mina on February 5th at 6:30 p.m. Eastern.

Stop by Two Chicks District Co. on Sunday, February 7, 2021 and Mina will be there for a book signing. Quick selfies with the star are welcome but you’ll have to reserve your spot in advance, as reserved/timed entry will be enforced.

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