CampJCC: Summer Camp in Indianapolis

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CampJCC is the place to be for kids! Our fun-filled days include Wednesday and Friday cookouts and daily use of our Eskenazi Water Park with two slides and a lazy river. Our trained, professional and committed staff instill in campers core values like kindness and appreciation.

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In addition to traditional day camps for grades K-8, CampJCC offers sports camps:

  • Pacers basketball: The Indiana Pacers Summer Basketball Camps providing expert instruction, fantastic giveaways and NBA excitement. Kids improve FUNdamental skills in all areas of the game, offensive and defensive training and individual and team skills development
  • Tennis: Join us on the courts for a summer full of fun and games. The JCC tennis program is tailored to meet each player’s needs with drills, skill development, demonstrations and repetition. Campers participate in other sports to further improve strength, endurance and agility. Campers should bring a tennis racquet, non-marking tennis shoes, bathing suit, towel, extra shirt, sun block, water bottle, snacks and lunch.
  • Junior golf (grades 3-8): Learn from the golf pros at Golf Club of Indiana, who will give specific instruction to help improve golf fundamentals, putting and chipping. Campers will also practice on the driving range and participate in contests and tournaments. Campers do not need to provide their own clubs.
  • Adventure camp. A 2-day camp that takes campers above and below, on and in! Campers can look forward to exhilarating outdoors activities like mountain biking and kayaking. Day 1 is a high ropes course at Butler University, kayaking or canoeing. Day 2 is biking at the IMPD mountain biking skills park and an intro to scuba diving at the JCC pool.

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Our specialty camps include:

  • Bricks 4 Kidz. For Grades K–5. Science and engineering concepts taught by building structures with LEGO® bricks. Choose from themed 1-week sessions.
  • Drobots drone camp. For Grades 3-5 and 6-8. Participants utilize imagination, hand-eye  coordination and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) applications to conquer challenges and missions – all in a team-oriented environment.
  • Game design camp.  Ages 10-16. Students will create powerful teleporting swords, amazing mobs, bows that shoot arrows that summon ender dragons, and other insane items, all through the power of Java programming! Perfect for both the beginning coder and the advanced Java aficionado.
  • Mathcraft camp. Ages 6-10. Mathcraft is the class where students are thrilled to do math! This class is a must for any parents who want their kids to enjoy math more and learn math more deeply. Students actually build math problems inside the game of Minecraft, and solve them using the amazing MathCraft program.

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Traditional Day Camps

  • Grades K-1. Camp Masada is the best way to experience new adventures, make new friends, and spend your days just being a kid! Grouped by grade, campers participate in a combination of activities, including games, nature and science studies, sports, music, drama and much more. We throw in late nights, special theme days, all-camp events, special performances and weekly Shabbat celebrations to make it the most fun place to be this summer.
  • Grades 2-5. Camp Tikvah takes day camping up a level. Campers will embark on a new journey with new and old friends and have more opportunities to explore and play. In addition to the usual camp activities, Tikvah campers will choose from a variety of special interest activities, including overnights at the JCC a couple times throughout the summer.
  • Grades 6-9. Gesher campers participate daily in the best of summer camp activities: sports, games, arts & crafts, all-camp activities and daily swims in our very own Eskenazi Water Park.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to be a JCC member? Day camps for grades K-5 are for JCC members. The JCC offers a summer membership and summer members do get member rates on camp. All other camps—day camp for grades 6-9, sports and specialty camps—are open to non-members.
  • Do I need to be Jewish to attend camp at the JCC? There is no requirement that our members be Jewish. In fact, most of our members come from other religious backgrounds. Everyone is welcome. We do emphasize core Jewish values at camp: Bal Taschit (do not destroy); Hachnasat Orchim (hospitality), Tzedakah (charity); Hoda’ah (appreciation) and G’milut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness). We ask that any food items brought to camp be respectful of Jewish culture (no pork or shellfish).
  • What is served at the cookouts? We serve hot dogs on Wednesdays and grilled cheese on Fridays.

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