Carmel Schools Will Reopen | Hybrid Plan for High School Students

Carmel Clay Schools will reopen on August 11th as planned. This school corporation is the second Hamilton county school system that we’ve seen incorporate a hybrid model into their reopening plans. Noblesville updated their plan last week after a parent survey had 90% of the student population returning to campus, making it impossible to social distance. With the announcement that the Washington Township Reopening Plan would be postponed and instead they would be opening 100% virtually, this is an interesting alternative.

Carmel Clay Schools Reopening Plan K-8

Parents will have the option of selecting in-person or virtual learning for their children. All of the following plans are fluid and can change if conditions change. In-person instruction for grades K-8 will take place five days each week in person (or as the school calendar dictates).

Carmel High School Reopening Plan

Carmel High School will offer a Hybrid/Blended in-person/virtual learning option for students in grades 9-12. Students will be split into two cohort groups and attend school in-person and virtually on alternating days. Approximately ½ of the student body will attend each day. Students will be expected to follow safety recommendations on “in-person” days explained within the plan.

Carmel Clay Schools Virtual Learning

Carmel students will also be able to attend school via two virtual models. One is a synchronous method where students participate in live virtual instruction in real time. The Asynchronous model allows the student to participate in recorded lessons at the time of day they choose. Virtual learning will be six hours each day. Parents/Students must commit for an entire semester.

Extracurricular Activities & Athletics

At this time IHSAA rules indicate that students must be enrolled as a full-time, in-person student in order to be eligible for athletics. A Virtual learning student will be ineligible to participate in athletics (unless the virtual experience is mandated by Carmel Clay Schools). Carmel Clay High School students are eligible to participate with the hybrid schedule even if their cohort does not have in-person class on that specific day.

For more information about procedures for reopening Carmel Clay schools, please see this document.

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