CDC Summer Camp Guidelines are Here

The CDC just put out their guidelines for summer camp programs to follow in order to be compliant for opening during summer 2020. Now that these guidelines are available, it’s predicted that we’ll see more and more summer camps make the decision to stay closed for summer 2020. If you’re looking for local summer camp options for 2020, we’re keeping this list of our favorite summer camps updated.

Here is what must be in place before opening as we understand it.

CDC Summer Camp Guidelines

The first guideline is to follow local and state orders, if your camp is in an area that Stay at Home orders are still in effect, you cannot open. Indiana allows for summer camps to open if they follow the CDC rules.

Camp environment and staff must be able to protect children and employees who are at higher risk for severe illness.

Children and adults must be screened upon arrival for symptoms and history of exposure.

Recommended Health and Safety Actions for Summer Camp Healthy

Hygiene practices such as hand washing and employees wearing a cloth face covering should be promoted. Cleaning, disinfection and ventilation of facilities and transportation must be intensified.

Social distancing must be encouraged through increased spacing, small groups and limited mixing of these small groups. If feasible, scheduling including arrival and pickup times should be staggered. Activities should be adjusted to limit sharing of equipment, toys and supplies. All employees need to be trained for these health and safety protocols. We’ve seen this change implemented in the summer camps with Sprouts Cooking School with smaller groups. Also, Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation Summer Camps where they’re creating summer camps with small groups and multiple sites.

Ongoing monitoring of symptoms for staff and campers needs to be a priority and should take place daily upon arrival.

Advanced screening should be available for children and employees who have been exposed to areas of high transmission. Everyone who is sick is encouraged to stay home — staff and campers. A plan must be created for if children or employees get sick, including communicating with local authorities regarding cases in the facility or increases in the area.

Summer Camp Alternatives

If summer camp outside of the home is not in the plans for your family, there are plenty of virtual summer camp options that have hit the internet in the past few weeks. Our school aged children have enrolled in the improv comedy camps with The Second City. This camp offers an actual live camp experience, not just a list of videos. Children will interact online with their camp instructors and other campers.

Virtual Summer Camps

Many camps are offering a virtual summer camp experience that’s video based, like the free coding summer camp from Rose-Hulman. Participants will receive a daily email with video instruction and activities to do.

DIY Summer Camps

Many parents have taken to their own creative spaces and started putting together summer bucket lists of activities and fun things to do. Indy with Kids sister site, DIY Summer Camps will begin sending out their do it yourself camp curriculum on May 25th.


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