Check it Out: Alien Worlds and Androids at the Children’s Museum

Check it Out: Alien Worlds and Androids at the Children’s Museum

Alien Worlds and Androids

My five year old loves watching Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey with us and I love that her brain is learning and growing with such complex and interesting information. The brand new exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is going to blow her mind! Alien Worlds and Androids has landed at The Children’s Museum and is open to the public from March 12-May 1, 2016.Aliens and Androids2

When you enter, children can try on a costume if they wish and become their favorite characters from sci-fi movies such as Darth Vadar and R2D2. From there, stop by and speak with the MBI (Museum Bureau of Investigation), they’ll give you your mission and as a team you’ll work through the exhibit to complete it, learning all the way!

Aliens and Androids8

Visit the robotic area and learn what exactly is a robot — see robots in action and even try one out! You’ll run into some friendly agents who are searching for aliens. Stop and chat with them, they’re funny and have a lot to say.Aliens and Androids6

  • Alien Worlds and Androids introduces visitors that there could be life beyond our own solar system. Alien Worlds and Androids will get children familiar with technology used to explore Earth and the universe.Aliens and Androids4
  • Children and their families will learn the different between robots and Androids. Do you know the difference?Aliens and Androids5
  • As for memorabilia and curated items that pop culture fans will love? You’ll find life size replicas of Iron Man, C-3PO and R2D2 from Star Wars movies, and a replica T-800 bust from The Terminator franchise + Star Trek fans will notice the jacket Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) wore in the 2009 film Star Trek: Into the Darkness.Aliens and Androids1
  • What about the hands-on experiences the Children’s Museum is famous for? Visitors can build an alien, touch a meteorite, operate a robotic arm, and sit in a POD to experience the feeling of the amazing journey CURIOSITY endured to land on Mars.

Aliens and Androids7


Aliens and Androids3



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