Children’s Museum Guild Announces 2020 Haunted House Theme

Every year, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis plays host to one of the most popular children’s haunted houses in the world. This haunted house is special because it’s executed by a crafty troop of women who are a part of the Children’s Museum Guild.

The annual theme is selected by the head witches, members of the guild who take turns being in charge. Last year, the theme was Hotel of Spells and it was a hit with those seeking spook and gore.

The 2020 theme for The Children’s Guild’s Haunted House is Frightful Frontier!

One of our favorite head witches says, “Pardner, if you think yer too brave for fear, you might meet yer doom on the FRIGHTFUL FRONTIER!”

You can bet that the secrets of the haunted house have begun to take shape and we’ll all be giddy-upping our way to TCM this October.

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