The Christmas Eve Box | A Holiday Activity to Keep the Kids Busy

Christmas Day is absolutely the best day of the year. As a family we have spent the last few months building up to this all-important day. With all the excitement December holds, Christmas Eve can feel like a lifetime for children awaiting Christmas morning.

The Christmas Eve Box

The Christmas Eve Box is a tradition we brought over from England, although it’s thought to have originated from Germany. It is essentially a box full of small gifts and activities that help break up the anticipation of Christmas Day. These are items that you would normally use throughout the day, but presented in a magical way for your children to enjoy all day long!

The tradition is growing quickly in its popularity in the United States, with sales of Christmas Eve boxes from having increased by 364% last year! It is now beginning to increase in popularity all over the United States. You may come across different variations of the box for different holidays and special occasions.

Basically, it’s an activity box to help occupy the children while you finish up the Holiday chores.

How to make a Christmas Eve Box

So how do you create your own Christmas Eve box for your excited children?!?!

Start with a box–big enough to hold everything you will want to put in it. The box can be as plain or as extravagant as you like. Some people want a chic unpainted apple crate but some are painted, personalized, lined, or unlined box.

Your box can be plain or personalized with your child’s name, their favorite characters, or just a holiday theme. You can do one for each child or do one family box. Ours is extravagant as we could get, it is a bright red painted wooden box, personalized for my daughter in gold glitter writing!

Then the lining. Lining, as with everything is completely optional, but we like to line our box with pretty tissue paper. You could also use shredded colored paper or fake snow fabric for a festive touch.

What Goes in Your Christmas Eve Box

You can put anything inside your Christmas Eve Box. Some ideas we suggest you include are:

  • A pair of Christmas pajamas to wear Christmas night
  • Hot chocolate bombs 
  • Santa key
  • Reindeer food
  • Letter from santa
  • A family board game
  • Christmas coloring pages
  • Holiday-themed bubble bath
  • Christmas movie DVD
  • ‘Tickets’ to a home cinema for a Christmas movie party
  • Holiday snacks to go with the movie
  • A holiday-themed book to read on Christmas night

The options are endless! There is no hard and fast rule as to what is included, it is completely your preference and what would suit you as a family and your traditions for Christmas Eve. It is worth bearing in mind that these items are things that will help your children pass the day with one last bit of super excitement before the big day.

How to Present the Christmas Eve Box

All that is left to do is place your Christmas Eve items in. Traditionally, the items are not wrapped but this does not mean you can’t. Though, I do like to think Christmas Day is all about unwrapping presents.

Now that you have filled the box, it is time to decide how it is going to be delivered. Over the years we have tried many different methods:  just giving it to our daughter on Christmas even, having it delivered by grandparents, and finally we settled on the Elf on the Shelf  delivering it as a parting gift. This bodes well for a Santa letter (should you wish to include it), as your elf can bring it back with him from his last report to Santa. That also takes care of your final night of the elf!

Things to Consider

What if you have more than one child? Well, there are a couple of options. You could have a box for each child or you could even have a box big enough to fit in all of the goodies for all of your children. The benefit of a whole family box is mom, dad, and even pets can be included!

This can all sound terribly daunting and expensive but it really doesn’t have to to be. The majority of the items mentioned here can be found at the dollar store, Walmart, or even the dollar stop at Target. This tradition is not about spending lots more money on MORE presents, it’s really just another way to present holiday treats you would usually have on Christmas Eve.

This a holiday tradition that we will continue forevermore in our family. However, it is not so welcomed by everyone. Some parents see this new tradition as something that adds more stress and workload to an already stressful time of year. Let us know what you think and if you decide to do one this year be sure to tag us in our photos!


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