Rose-Hulman Offers Free Summer Camp: Coding

This summer, Rose-Hulman is offering their popular summer camp for free. Connecting with Code will be conducted entirely online and offered for no charge. Students are asked to register so that Tynker and accounts can be created for them.

Connecting with Code Summer Camp

The free summer camp will be offered for five days for two different age groups. Each day, students will watch a pre-recorded summer camp video and participate in a related activity alongside the instructor in the video. At times, campers will pause the video and do the coding activities taught in the video. Following the video, students will be given assignments for coding to do that day. Videos will range in length, but you can generally expect the videos to be about 20 minutes long. During the K-3 course, parents are encouraged to watch the video with their child and help them code. Older children should be able to watch and code without a parent.

  • Camp #1 dates – May 18th – 22nd
    • K-3 Kids courses: Introduction to Scratch Game Design
  • Camp #2 dates – May 25th – May 29th
    • 4-8 MS course: Tinkercad 3D modeling and circuits

The age ranges are listed above just to help you know what level content to expect, but any age child is welcome to join any camp. Once you sign up, check your email on camp days. You can also feel free to join both free summer camps.

Rose-Hulman will also post the camp curriculum to their website so that camps can be accessed at any time.

Register for the Rose-Hulman free coding camp

Coding Camp for Kindergarten – 3rd Grade

Camp #1 May 18th-22nd for Scratch Game Design (K-3) – This camp will focus on game design with Scratch ( We’ll be doing a series of smaller games together to start developing concepts that can be used in any game. Then kids extend upon those games to make them their own. This camp is designed to be the first real course kids take in coding. It’s a great way to start! Here is a quick example of a simple Scratch game: This course is an ideal entry point for kids 1st-3rd grade and perfectly suitable for 4th and 5th graders that have no coding experience. Each day we’ll show you a new game that we build together in a video and we’ll give you an assignment for additional features you can add!

Coding Camp for 4th – 8th Grade

Camp #2 May 25th-May 29th for Tinkercad (4-8) – This camp will focus on using a website called Tinkercad. Tinkercad is a very impressive free tool that is online for teaching software development and engineering skills. We’ll be taking 5 days to learn some of the Tinkercad basics. They have 3 tools available.

  • 3D Modeling
  • Circuits
  • Coding Blocks

Each of these tools could fill a month long class! We will be previewing the tools in just 5 days. We will spend only 1 day on 3D modeling. You will work the tutorials, build 2 robots with me, then design and build your own robot arm. We will spend 3 days on Circuits, learning about LEDs, pushbuttons, and Arduino code. The final day we’ll spend learning about their Coding Blocks to make 3D models. Come join us!

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