Mother's Day Crafts that kids can make, take note dads and grandparents and caretakers!

Craftastic: Mother’s Day Crafts with Kids

Mother’s Day Crafts with Kids

Mother’s Day is a day where we celebrate the women in our lives that have shown us love and support over the years. It is a special day often filled with family time, a good meal, and a small gift for the mothers in your life. After becoming a mother myself, I can attest that some of the most cherished gifts from my children are the ones that are homemade. Here are a few easy, homemade gift ideas for Mother’s Day that you can make with your little ones.

Mothers Day Crafts  Indy with Kids LOVE Canvas
Love Canvases

What you need:
a piece of stretched canvas
paint (this should preferably be a fabric or acrylic paint, so make sure your painting surfaces – and painter – are prepared for non-washable paint!)
masking or painters tape or plastic poster-board lettering

What to do:
Use your tape or lettering to spell out the word “love” a la Robert Indiana. (Have you visited the exhibit yet at the Indianapolis Museum of Art? If not, hurry, it closes May 4th!) Rub tape or lettering to be sure that it is securely affixed to the canvas. Have your child paint on canvas in any way they desire, encouraging them to cover all the white space on the painting. When the paint is completely dry remove the tape/lettering. I had some bleeding, as my son is a vigorous painter , but I think it adds to the cuteness of the picture. If that bothers you, you can outline the letters in black marker or paint over the lettering with white paint. Be sure to note your child’s name and the date on the back of the canvas for future reference!

Mothers Day Craft Indy with Kids LOVE Canvas

Potato Stamped Notecards

Mothers Day Crafts  Indy with Kids Potato Stamped CardsWhat you need:
white and/or light colored cardstock
two potatoes cut in half
2-4 inkpads in a variety of colors
envelopes for each card you make (6-10) (I used the envelopes we had leftover from our extra holiday cards)
a ribbon for tying them together
black fine tip marker or pen

What to do:
Start by deciding how many cards you would like to make, and then count out half the number of sheets of cardstock. Cut cardstock in half and then fold each piece in half to make a card. Have your child use the toothpicks to draw designs and pictures, or in my case, lines and squiggles, in the potato half. Repeat with each piece of potato until all are decorated. Your child will then use the potatoes as stamps and decorate the fronts of each notecard. If you don’t have stamp pads you can paint a very thin (and I mean very!) layer of paint on a paper plate and your child can you use it as a stamp pad, as I did. Too much paint will clog the etchings and make it hard for the design to show up. Also, since my child is younger, I left the paper uncut while he painted so he had a larger surface area to stamp. I recommend writing your child’s name and age, a brief message (i.e “For my Mimi”) and/or the name of your child’s picture on the back of each notecard to add that additional special touch. When the cards are dry, tie them together with the envelopes with a pretty ribbon.

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