Six Ways to Celebrate the Croods: A New Age Movie

The Croods: A New Age is now playing in movie theaters in central Indiana. While many 2020 movie releases pushed back their release dates until after the pandemic is expected to subside or they released them straight to streaming, Dreamworks isn’t one to “never not be afraid.”

Here are five ways you can celebrate the theatrical release of the new Croods movie:

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Host a Croods Themed Family Dinner

Create a fun tropical meets caveman table setting and feast on turkey (or chicken) drumsticks and other handheld finger foods. Costumes are fun too! Or just wear your favorite animal print. I bought this gorgeous gold leopard print table cloth, an assortment of faux tropical leaves and awesome jute vines twine to dangle from the chandelier.

Watch the Croods: A New Age

The Croods: A New Age is now playing in a theater near you. Some theaters are offering special opportunities to reserve the entire theater or providing social distancing between seats.

Watch The Croods at Home

Right now you can watch the original Croods movie on Netflix or tune in to the Dawn of the Croods series, also on Netflix. Eventually, you’ll be able to watch The Croods: New Age at Home too!

Preorder The Croods: A New Age on Amazon

You can pre order the new movie on Amazon. If the price decreases or increases from the time you order it and it’s sent, you’ll get the lowest price! Plus, it’s a two movie set!

Create a Fun Croods: A New Age Craft

There are so many fun Croods themed crafts you can come up with. We used Crayola Air Dry Clay to create fun shapes and make Croods necklaces. My kids made shapes like animal teeth and bones. My son made the necklace made famous by the Betterman Family in Croods: A New Age.

Whip Up a Themed Dessert

My daughter came up with the idea to make “Punch Monkey Bread,” a spin on our favorite Monkey Bread. We also made some Punch Monkey Punch to drink, that’s just our favorite juice with some seven up.

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