cultured swirl fountain square indianapolis frozen yogurt swing seats

UPDATE: Cultured Swirl is no longer in business. We’re so disappointed to see them go!

We’ve spent more time in Fountain Square during the past year than all of the other years combined. Whether we’re checking out a festival or event, stopping for lunch after a morning play date at Garfield Park, duck-pin bowling, borrowing books at the library or grabbing a yummy dairy treat at Cultured Swirl, Fountain Square is kind of like a corner of fun for our family.

Cultured Swirl is one of the newer “cold spots” in Indy and my kids love it! The playful atmosphere of swing chairs in the windows and mismatched chairs around restored tables really make my kids feel at home. Oh and there’s yogurt. FROZEN yogurt, GOURMET frozen yogurt with seasonal flavors, fun toppings and mixins.cultured swirl fountain square indianapolis frozen yogurt toppings

My best tip for a visit to Cultured Swirl? Sample! I like chocolate frozen yogurt, chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk so I knew I was going to walk in and get chocolate. When the store manager started talking to me about the yogurt I decided to try almost all of the flavors. The girls tried every flavor too. Guess what? We ended up with three flavors I never thought I’d enjoy as much as I did. Scoutie and Lulu were impressed with them too!

We did get chocolate. Also making an appearance in our cup: Salted Caramel, Apple Cinnamon and Pumpkin Spice. Then we topped them with not such great pairings of strawberries, blackberries and mini Reese’s Pieces. That’s okay because these are the things we love and we ate it all!

My new friend at Cultured Swirl recommended a couple of combinations to me. You can even try these at home!

Breakfast Frozen Yogurt: Vanilla Yogurt with REAL bacon topped with maple syrup. YES!

Veggies in Frozen Yogurt: Vanilla Yogurt with sweet peppers OR cucumbers and melon.

cultured swirl fountain square indianapolis frozen yogurtMy friend Crystal met up with us and made a beautiful fall dish of Pumpkin Spice and Salted Caramel Swirl with chocolate and caramel syrup and Reese’s Pieces. Her dish was “photogenic”, mine was not!

There are many ice cream and frozen yogurt and custard shops that offer kids the opportunity to add their own mix in and toppings and they love it! Let them get creative but be mindful of the budget since they are based on weight! Cultured Swirl is located at 1026 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis in Fountain Square. Hours are Sunday-Thursday noon – 10pm and Friday & Saturday noon – 11pm. You’ll pay $9.72 /pound for your treat. Vegan yogurt is also available.


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