There are about 223 days left until the city pools reopen, summer concert series begin and continuous warm weather reigns but don’t lose hope, there’s still time to do a few things before everyone packs up shop for the winter!As of now we can expect temperatures in the mid to high seventies so here are my “do it while you can” suggestions:

1. Check out the 100 Acres at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. While they will be open throughout the year, Indy Island will have a resident on it for only one more week. What is Indy Island? It’s an art project meets science experiment that is soooo cool! Seriously, take your kids and go! (  (

2. The Canal is still beautiful, take a stroll, ride your bikes, roller-blade/skate (whatever the cool kids do these days).

3. Go to your local park and run around while you can!

4. Camping is STILL an option!

What is your family doing this weekend?