The Doc Is In | Doc McStuffins Exhibit Returns to The Children’s Museum

The Doc McStuffins exhibit returns to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis on February 12, 2022! This exhibit was created by The Children’s Museum and opened in 2016, but soon left on tour to other museums across the country. Now it’s coming back!

Doc McStuffins Exhibit at The Children’s Museum

♪ ♫ ♩ ♬Doo Doo Doo you know it’s good for you, the doc is gonna help you feel better…♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

You’ll have these lyrics in your head while you visit the Doc McStuffins exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. You’ll get to experience it starting in February and your children will love everything!

– Dress up
– Hands on fun that helps demystify doctor and hospital visits for kids
– Learning opportunities
– Photo opportunities
– Imaginative play around every wall

Fans of the Doc will love the McStuffins Toy Hospital in McStuffinsville

Three words to describe the Doc McStuffins exhibit: ”Major Wow Factor!”  There are so many interactive and fun things to do inside this exhibit. Grab one of the white lab coats, a stethoscope or one of the many other doctor tools and get to work!

– Play
 in the nursery area caring for baby dolls
– Preform surgery on a toy robot in the operating room
– Give a horse a check up in the exam room
– Xray a dinosaur or teddy bear in the care area
– Learn about veterinary care or healthcare in an interactive classroom
– Watch your favorite episodes in the theater

This highly interactive exhibit offers an English and Spanish bilingual experience, which will transport kids and families from the Doc’s backyard clinic to the all new Mcstuffins Toy Hospital. Doc McStuffins: The Exhibit allows families to play together and helps teach healthy habits, compassion and nurturing care.  Most importantly, it demystifies the healthcare and doctor visit experience for children.

Boys and girls will love all the fabulous offerings at the Doc McStuffins exhibit.  Don’t take my word for it…head on over and check it out with your family!  The exhibit will not disappoint anyone with so many opportunities to use your imagination and roll play!

It is important to note that Riley Children’s Hospital at Indiana University Health, the state’s only comprehensive pediatric health system, has partnered with The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis to provide an opportunity for children to become comfortable in a healthcare setting.  “It is a heavy order to convince children that going to see the doctor is not scary, but it can be done through educational and interactive experiences, which help them understand that what we do is help keep people healthy” said Dr. Paul Haut, Chief Medical Officer of Riley Children’s Hospital.  It is Riley Children’s Hospital’s hope that this exhibit will put children’s minds at ease, while supporting the hospital’s mission to keep all Hoosier children healthy.

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