You guys, I found Dream Dinners just in time for our families busiest season!
I’ve tried everything to make dinner interesting, to make dinner fun, to make dinner quickly, and really, to just make dinner for my family. Until now, it wasn’t any of those things. I’ve been spending a little over an hour in a Dream Dinners session once a month for the past two months.
Each month, I schedule the date for my session, select wholesome, delicious meals from the monthly Dream Dinners menu and then I just show up and make 6-12 meals for my family!
Someone else does the grocery shopping, the ingredient chopping and the clean up. I just scoop, measure and assemble homemade meals for my family. Other than a tote to carry my meals home in, I bring NOTHING.


I assemble, make a teeny bit of a mess and then I get to walk away and assemble my next menu item…someone else cleans the bowls, measuring cups and the counter!


I’ve always had this idealistic vision of what our family dinners would be like. By the time I get dinner on the table, I’m too tired, frustrated or messy to even sit down and enjoy it with my family. With Dream Dinners, I’ve actually had that idealistic experience that I’ve always imagined.


Dream Dinners, that’s what it’s like at our house when I can easily cook a meal at home for my family and I already prepped it. It’s dreamy! My own freezer is my new go to when I wonder what we’ll have for dinner.


Come join me every month! It’s so much fun!


Our local store is in the Castleton area. Find a store near you on the Dream Dinners website.
9520 Uptown Drive, Suite H
Indianapolis, IN 46256