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I’m just like you, I’m sure. All of my friends started subscribing to those meal services that leave a box on your door every week. They all had these promotional codes that let me try it for free. And I loved it. It was fun and something new. But it was a lot of work and didn’t solve my problem of being too tired to make dinner for my family.

When I heard about Dream Dinners, I was excited to try it out. Now I’m a solid monthly guest in their kitchen. There’s nothing wrong with the box program. It’s wonderful, but for someone with my personality, schedule, lifestyle, and my family, Dream Dinners is a better option. Here’s how they look side by side:

Less Time at the Grocery Store

Both services offer an escape from grocery shopping for a few nights per week. I’m a huge fan of not going to the grocery store as often as I used to. One thing that I think people get hung up on is pricing. When you ADD a service to your budget, you’re also taking money OUT of your typical grocery budget. I found that I spent about the same amount of money in my grocery budget each month once I started going to Dream Dinners. I also found that I actually leftovers most nights that we could use for lunches during the week, this helped cut back on some of the money I was spending on lunches out.

Save Time on Meal Prep and Planning

While both services boast time-saving, I found that the distribution of time was what mattered to me. I don’t have time to prepare a fresh, nutritious, homemade meal every single night of the week, but I CAN dedicate one hour per month to prepare 10-12 meals for my family that I can easily heat up or cook 3 times per week. The bulk of the mixing, assembling, and whatnot are done during that one hour at the Dream Dinners kitchen. And the Dream Dinners team has the ingredients already chopped and cut when I get there.

Packaging and Storage

It’s true, you do need to BYOB (bring your own box or cooler) to Dream Dinners to transport your meals home. Actually, I forget my box all the time and DD has plenty to share. When I bring my meals home, I pop them into the fridge or freezer, and then they’re ready to go whenever I need them. With many meals, you’ll want to put them in the fridge a day or two ahead so they can thaw. The only packaging is what the meal is in. there might be a few bags, but no boxes, no single-serve packages of everything, and no thermal protection needed for shipping.

Side Dishes, Desserts, and More

The Sides and Sweets freezer at Dream Dinners is a fun little place to take a peek. On the cooking instructions card for each meal, there’s a suggested side. You can make it on your own or find it in the freezer at your Dream Dinners store. Also, you’ll find breakfast items and some of the best desserts in the world!

Someone Else Chops, Slices and Cleans Up

I don’t think I’ve ever used a knife at Dream Dinners. All of the ingredients for the entrees I’ve decided to make are chopped up and cut up, ready for me to measure into my container. I’ve grated a lemon, I’ve mixed things, I’ve assembled enchiladas, but no peeling, no dicing, no nothing.

And then there’s my favorite part. I don’t have to clean up when I’m done. The dishes and spoons I use to prepare the meal, are taken away when I’m done and any spills are wiped up…by someone else.

But still, I’ve created a homemade meal for my family to enjoy.

Making Food For My Family Is Fun Now

I’m having fun, meeting new friends, and even bringing along my own friends each month. My husband and I are going to go to Dream Dinners together next month and make a date night of it. Not only is meal prep fun again, but making meals for my family doesn’t seem like a chore. Coming up with ideas isn’t a chore. Seeing everyone so happy and eating what I made, that’s what makes me happy.

Fresh Choices Get You Out of the Cooking Rut

The Dream Dinners menu is different every month but I liked that I could choose from dishes that appealed to my family and weren’t “odd.” The menu incorporates traditional seasonal dishes, new items, and past favorites. You select your menu ahead of time from a beautiful photo menu and then you come in during your session time and you make those items. You’ll make 36 servings or more each time. Meals can be made in 3-person servings or 6-person servings. I do a combination of the two. Some of my meals are 3 servings and some are 6. I was in that cooking rut of making a rotation of like 8 things and then I started doing monthly Dream Dinners and we eat a fresh new menu every month. I’m even making different things on the nights we don’t have Dream Dinners because I have the energy to do so.
The bottom line is, I’m enjoying making homemade meals for my family. I’m saving money, saving time, and saving my sanity. My family is eating food that is better for us and we’re back at the table, OUR table for meals together. We’re spending more time sharing and talking and I’m not stuck in the kitchen cleaning or preparing as much.

To find a Dream Dinners near you and get signed up for your first session, check out the Dream Dinners website.

You guys, I found Dream Dinners just in time for our family’s busiest season!
I’ve tried everything to make dinner interesting, to make dinner fun, to make dinner quickly, and really, to just make dinner for my family. Until now, it wasn’t any of those things. I’ve been spending a little over an hour in a Dream Dinners session once a month for the past two months.
Each month, I schedule the date for my session, select wholesome, delicious meals from the monthly Dream Dinners menu and then I just show up and make 6-12 meals for my family!
Someone else does the grocery shopping, the ingredient chopping, and the cleanup. I just scoop measure, and assemble homemade meals for my family. Other than a tote to carry my meals home in, I bring NOTHING.
I assemble, make a teeny bit of a mess, and then I get to walk away and assemble my next menu item…someone else cleans the bowls, measuring cups, and the counter!
I’ve always had this idealistic vision of what our family dinners would be like. By the time I get dinner on the table, I’m too tired, frustrated, or messy to even sit down and enjoy it with my family. With Dream Dinners, I’ve actually had that idealistic experience that I’ve always imagined.
Dream Dinners, that’s what it’s like at our house when I can easily cook a meal at home for my family and I already prepped it. It’s dreamy! My own freezer is my new go-to when I wonder what we’ll have for dinner.
Come join me every month! It’s so much fun!

Our local store is in the Castleton area. Find a store near you on the Dream Dinners website.
9520 Uptown Drive, Suite H
Indianapolis, IN 46256

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