Walmart Drive-In Movie Locations | Pop-Up Parking Lot Theaters

Walmart has rolled out it’s newest endeavor amid the COVID-19 shutdowns of businesses.

Walmart Drive-In Theaters

With many local movie theaters closing and the reopening of indoor venues being stalled, we’ve seen a surge in popularity of drive-in movies. Beginning in August at select Walmart stores, locals can attend drive-in movie premieres, complete with car-side popcorn and drink service. This pop-up parking lot theater model

This touring drive-in movie theater set up will transform Walmart parking lots into outdoor cinemas for everyone to enjoy. Walmart is transforming 160 of its store parking lots into contact-free drive-in movie theaters where customers can safely gather to watch movies programmed by the Tribeca Drive-in team.

How the Walmart Parking Lot Movies Will Work

The family-friendly night will include hit movies, special appearances from filmmakers and celebrities and concessions delivered right to customer vehicles. It sounds like each of the 160 stores selected will have two different movie events, for a total of 320 Walmart Drive-In events.

Before of each movie screening event,  families will be able to order their drive-in essentials from for curbside pickup on the way to the movie.

Walmart’s drive-in tour will begin in August and run through October.

Walmart Drive-In Locations


Hammond – 9/25/20
Hammond – 9/26/20
Muncie – 10/9/20
Muncie – 10/10/20
Richmond – 10/13/20
Richmond – 10/14/20
Evansville – 10/16/20
Evansville – 10/17/20
Evansville – 10/20/20
Evansville – 10/21/20

Indianapolis Drive-In Theaters

The central Indiana area is home to several Drive-In Movie theaters, such as Tibbs Drive-In, Skyline, Center Brook and Canary Creek.

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