Drive Thru Baby Shower Ideas for COVID-19 Social Distancing

Bringing a new life into the world is a time of joy and celebration for parents. The pandemic has challenged us to step outside the box, and reimagine how to make the most of these special moments. Baby showers are such a fun time for parents, and often an important opportunity to receive support from your family and friends.

One of the many challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic is how to celebrate while staying health and safe. If you’re looking for an alternative baby shower with social distancing, we have some ideas for your baby shower drive-thru. If the birthday parade style of baby showers is not your thing, we have a ton of other COVID baby shower ideas.

Drive Thru Baby Shower Ideas

Donut Themed Baby Shower Parade

Do-nut forget you are loved! Host a donut themed shower because who doesn’t love donuts? You could easily make fun inflatable donuts out of an inner tube for the pool.  Decorate the yard for a great larger than life twist on this sweet treat. Let your guests grab a sweet treat from your favorite donut shop on their way by.

About to Pop!

This classic shower theme, could have a fun twist as a drive thru baby shower. Create a trail of balloons for your guests to drive thru, with the end leading to the guests of honor. Add a balloon arch where you are seated for a beautiful finishing touch. Serve up individually packaged snacks, like POP-corn! Don’t forget the gum-balls as a take home favor to finish off the theme.

Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? Set up your shower at an undisclosed location, give guests a map with clues, and let them search to find the treasure – mom-to-be! This is a fun way to change it up from just a drive by the house, and you could give guests chocolate gold coins as a fun party favor for finding the treasure!

Garden Baby Shower

In a fun play on the popular book The Secret Garden, set up a beautiful floral display in the yard for guests to enjoy. Tie it together with a flower crown for mom, and fresh cut flowers as a party favor for your guests. Guests can build their own bouquet by grabbing stems of their favorite flowers from each station as they drive along past the house.

Drive by Fiesta Baby Shower

Set up a Fiesta with all the stops on the lawn, and fun music that’s sure to get you moving. Guests can dance to the beat in their car, and enjoy all of the themed décor. For a quick socially distant activity, hang up a string pull style piñata by the present table for guests to enjoy.

Rainbow Baby

With the loss of a child, many emotions come with the pregnancy that follows. All babies deserve to be celebrated, and rainbow baby pregnancies can be a time where mom needs some extra emotional support. Consider setting up a rainbow arch, with clouds, and using chalk paint to color the sidewalks and driveway with rainbow themed imagery. You can celebrate this moment in your journey, even as a drive-thru with friends and family. Put together a self serve candy table with wrapped packages of rainbow candies and favors. Guests can grab their treat and go!

Beach Theme Baby Shower

Everybody will be speeding to your drive thru shower when they hear about the beach getaway theme. Immerse your guests in a luau in Hawaii, with leis, tiki torches, Hawaiian music, and a drive thru Tiki Bar (mocktails of course). Nothing says Aloha like a fruity drink in a coconut cup, which you could serve to your guests as they come by to celebrate with you. Blow up beach balls, or leis would be a fun party favor to tie in the theme!

Baby Clothes Themed Pop-Up Shower

Time to put your creative hats on! This one is so fun, and will have you looking like a Pinterest professional in no time. Hang clothing lines throughout the front yard, or make a quick DIY style with twine and clothespins. Hang baby clothes around the yard, and set out laundry baskets for an added fun touch. Guests can hang their presents, laundry style from the clothes lines! If you are gifted something that will not hang, the laundry baskets double as a place to store gifts from friends and family. Set up a special clothesline with a spot for people to write well wishes for mama and baby, to save in the baby book for later. If your friends are crafty, set up onesie painting stations six feet apart.

Rubber Duck Themed

Splish Splash, baby bash! This neutral rubber duck theming is the perfect team green shower. Set up small plastic pools around the yard, fill with water and soap, and make mini bubble baths. Add a variety of bath toys and rubber duckies, to tie in the look. Set up a cupcake to-go table with themed cupcakes in individual boxes. For a fun party favor, consider sending home personalized bubbles as a fun memento from your unique drive thru shower.

Ice Cream Social Baby Shower Parade

Throw it back to a retro theme and host an ice cream social- Drive Thru style. Have coolers with individually wrapped treats for guests to grab, or you could offer a Drive Thru milkshake stand, and decorate it like a 70’s diner. Guests can leave their gifts at the curb.

Trunk or Treat Style Baby Shower

Park your car in the driveway, and decorate your trunk with all of the fun things you would typically buy for an in person party. Balloons, steamers, baby bottles, you name it! Have a flat spot for people to drop off gifts, while you wave and say hello from a distance. Consider offering individually packaged goodies for your guests as a thank you. We love new baby themed sugar cookies.

Sports Themed Drive-Thru Shower

Are you a sports fan? Buy several different laundry baskets, and strategically place them along the curb of the street at your house. Label each basket with a category for baby gifts, such as diapers, wipes, clothes, or toys. Make it a game, and let your friends and family have fun shooting balls into the laundry basket of their choice. Have a table set up at the end, where guests can place a gift for baby, and sign your guest book before they go

Every baby deserves to be celebrated, even during a pandemic. Creating memories, and sharing this special moment with friends and family will be just as special with these fun drive thru party themes. 

When the world finally opens back up after COVID and you’re planning an in person baby shower, we know tons of places to have a baby shower.

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