Central Indiana Easter Egg Hunt | Social Distancing

You’re invited to the Central Indiana Easter Egg Hunt!

Businesses and families are invited to submit their home to the egg hunt map. Everyone who is able is invited to “hunt” for the decorated eggs in windows from their vehicles. Please remember to practice social distancing while participating. Please also follow all rules and laws while participating.

How to Submit Your Home or Business to the Egg Hunt

  1. Decorate an egg and hang it on your window or on your door. Get as creative and as fancy as you want. Here’s an Easter Egg Outline Template.
  2. Submit your full address to be added to the map.
  3. Share this status on Facebook and Instagram to show that you’re participating.

How to Participate in the Central Indiana Easter Egg Hunt

  1. April 5-12, keep your eyes peeled for displayed Easter eggs as you follow along on the map (this will be available on 4/5).
  2. Share your favorite on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to tag @indywithkids #PLAYindy

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