Guess what we’re doing on Saturday the 7th?! You’ll never guess so I’ll just tell you. Our family and many other families will be boarding the Easter Bunny Express in Connersville! We’re going to ride the train to Bunny Patch Station, visit with the Easter Bunny and then Lulu and all the other kids eight years old and under are going to take their Easter baskets (bring your own) and participate in the Golden Egg Hunt. This is an event for ages 8 and under.

Do you want to join us? We’re thinking we’ll jump on the 10am train but there’s also some thought about sleeping in a bit and taking the train at noon. Don’t want to miss lunch? There’s a 12pm, 2:30pm and 4:15pm train to Bunny Patch Station in additon to the 10am train. We paid $9 for each of our tickets and Lulu is free since she is under two years old.

We’re planning on it taking us about an hour and 15 minutes from Indianapolis to get to Grand Central Station (455 Market Street, Connersville). It is highly recommended that you purchase your ticket in advance so that you don’t drive all that way and find there are not seats left for you and your little Easter bunnies. Rain or shine! Ticket info here: or 765-825-2054