Easter Memories

There’s something about Easter that just screams, “Go outside!” In southern California, we were able to spend most Easter days outdoors but in Indiana, you never know. One Easter it was sunny so I left the dog outside only to have to leave church mid-hymn to rescue her from a heavy downpour and hail! The next Easter we had chicken cooking on the grill for Easter lunch as we relaxed on the patio.

Since having a child, we’ve discovered that many other people love being outdoors and seem to rediscover them for the season once Easter finally rolls around. This is why I think there are so many community Easter egg hunts, why the Bunny tends to hang out in public places for photos with children and families, why there are just so many outdoor activities with the label of Easter. It’s a reawakening of many things in our lives but especially for our bodies and souls to connect with nature.

Last year as our family drove up to a community Easter Egg hunt, we were in awe of how beautiful the tiny hills in the field looked — so green with beautiful grass, sprouted out of winter hibernation and dotted with the beautiful pastels and bright colors of thousands of plastic Easter Eggs, each holding a treasure. As gorgeous as this sight was, it paled in comparison to the beautiful birds nest we found with four perfect eggs.

Easter, no matter what you believe or how you celebrate, is the promise of new life, new beginnings and something beautiful.

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