Experience the Gift of Ninja this Christmas

Experience gifts seem to be the hot gift of the season this year. Everyone wants to give their kids the best Christmas, while avoiding the Christmas clutter. This came to a head in my household last year. With two little boys and one on the way, we were bursting at the seams with toys, clothes, gadgets…stuff. A lot of stuff. We already were blessed with all the typical memberships and passes. So when planning an experience gift for our kids, we wanted an activity that really spoke to each child’s individuality.

My oldest son has participated in many activities, but not with great success. He wasn’t super coordinated and while he mostly enjoyed participating, he didn’t find anything he loved. But I remembered a trial class we took at Ninja Zone Academy in Geist. My son loved it and had asked about it a few times since. He mostly talked the obstacle course and trampolines, but I remembered being really impressed with the coaches and the program. And since he was 5, he was the perfect age to start ninja class.

Did I forget to mention, he’s also obsessed with anything ninja? From the super moves to the comfy and functional disguise, ninjas are just cool. We even do ninja bread cookies each year for Santa. This kid loves ninjas. He’s constantly doing ninja moves around the house, why not let him learn the right way to do them?

Then I hesitated. It is nice for the kids to open a gift, so how to present it? Well, Santa never tells his secrets, but a few ideas:

  • Every ninja needs gear, so go to NinjaZone to sign up and get some ninja garb.
  • Put together a ninja-themed basket, LEGO Ninjago Movie, a yoga mat to practice at home, a ninja mask.
  • Make Ninjabread men together and leave them in a special display with a note for Christmas morning!

What did my son think? He was ecstatic. If there’s a word bigger than ecstatic, then he was that. A year later, he’s still that. NinjaZone is an activity that I don’t have to drag my son to. I don’t have to remind him ten times to put on his uniform. I don’t have to plead with him to just finish the season. Every Friday he wakes up and immediately asks me if it’s ninja night.

And, what do I think? NinjaZone has helped him with his coordination and physical abilities. He went from barely a somersault to so close to the front flip. He can run to the top of the ramp without help. He tries noticeably harder and longer on any task–not just the ones of the ninja variety. His homework is more effortless. He’s more respectful.

If you’re thinking, I don’t need one more “thing” added to my to-do list. I get it. But NinjaZone is an activity I don’t mind going to. They offer free wi-fi, a play area for the future ninjas, and a nursing mother’s room. I usually grab myself a nice cup of coffee and spend the time catching up on work. But thanks to the great set-up at NinjaZone, I still catch all the “look-at-me” moments! They offer many classes throughout the week and they are super flexible with scheduling. If you need to change a class one week, you can schedule an open class yourself on their handy app. You can make-up your class if you need to miss a week.

Most importantly, we’re giving him the gift of ninja this year too. When my next son is old enough, we’ll likely give him the gift of ninja as well. If you’re looking for something different this year, give the gift of NinjaZone!

Thank you to NinjaZone Academy for your support of Indy with Kids. While all of the above thoughts, opinions, and stories are my own, I received a complimentary lesson for this sponsored post. Read more about my son’s NinjaZone journey here.

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