Every year when it comes time to think about holiday photos, I think that maybe I should use a photo from one of our summer adventures, or a fall day of family fun or a spring road trip. But then I start to look at the family photos, even the ones we had a professional take and I think they aren’t right. The infant from a photo taken months before isn’t as tiny as she was when we posed in front of that waterscape, or my seven year old is now missing those two front teeth that peep out of her mouth in a photo from our summer mischief.

You might think that I panic, worried that I won’t find a photographer or get my photos edited and returned in time to tediously lovingly stuff them into envelopes to mail out in the holiday postal rush.


These photos represent my family right now. This season of the year and this season of our life.

The teeth.

The not so many teeth.

And everything in between.

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