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Hoosier farming families are working hard to produce the food you and your family enjoy every day. Each week we’ll share the stories of these farmers, along with recipes and crafts for your favorite #FoodieKids.

Farmer Profile

Heather and her family raise so many pigs, they could provide 70,000 people each week with two pounds of pork chops. Hill Farms in Greenfield, Indiana has been in Heather’s husband’s family for four generations and she and her husband Marc share management duties with her in-laws.

At Hill Farms, they raise 13,000 pigs and 1,300 acres of corn, soybeans, and wheat. The corn and soybeans they raise are used to feed the pigs, and the manure from the pigs is used to fertilize their crops—a true circle of life. Heather has a B.S. from Purdue University and enjoys sharing her insights about pig farming and parenthood on her farming blog:

You can learn more about Heather and her family farm in this PLAYdate video.

Virtual PLAYdate with The Glass Barn from the Indiana State Fairgrounds

23 Leftover Ham Recipes

Since we couldn’t share our Easter Dinner this year, we have so much ham leftover. Thankfully our friend, the Farmwife Cooks has 23 leftover ham recipes for us to try!

Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Pigs

For this project you will need:

  • toilet paper roll
  • pink construction paper
  • pink pipe cleaner
  • pink buttons
  • googly eyes
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue sticks
  • craft glue
  • a black marker (optional)

Your pig doesn’t have to be pink! Just like beef and dairy cattle, there are also different breeds of pigs. Some are red, some are black and white, some are all black!

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