It’s Valentine’s season. That means candles, flowers, romance, and maybe a little alone time with your honey, right? Oh wait, you’re a parent, so we are probably talking about a heart-shaped pizza, a last minute stop for a bottle of wine and, if you’re lucky, all the kids asleep before 10 pm. Tell me I’m not the only one. Well, sometimes even parents need a little romance. It’s not easy, but it can be done. I’m here to give you some fresh ideas on where to get busy (and not traumatize your snowflakes)!

  1. The Car: You make payments on it, so you may as well do something in it besides playing chaufer. But wait! We are OLD now! So none of this parking lot business.  Take a trip to the car wash that cleans in and out, let them take care of your chicken nugget mess, and then pull that minivan into the garage, and get to it!
  2. The Shower: You have to shower, right? And your bathroom has a lock? Great, you’re good to go. Even if you have little ones who need to be able to get to you, or you share one bathroom among the 5 of you (oh, that’s just me?) at least the shower is a place where you are supposed to be naked! So, check your schedules and sync up for a little romantic shower time together. Better yet, make this a weekly date.
  3. The Laundry Room: You’ve seen it turn sexy in the movies, but if you’re anything like me this space is reserved for only the most dreaded (and constant) of chores. Put those machines to good use and hide away with your honey while the kids are occupied (movie night, anyone?). Think they won’t leave you alone? Tell them if they come in they have to help you fold!
  4. Every Room in the House (while the kids are out): This one takes a bit of logistical effort, I admit. Just get rid of the kids and the house is yours! A few options here – playdates, a weekend at grandma’s, a mid-week lunch date during school hours, or get a sitter and send them all off to the park while you “finish a house project.” Just make this a habit. You won’t regret it. Promise.
  5. Your CLEAN Bedroom: Sure, this seems basic, but here’s the deal – the bedroom is easily the most convenient place to get it on. So often we get cluttered with laundry,  toys, and sometimes the actual kids. Kick everyone out and reclaim this space for yourself. Leave the TV off, brush the dust off of your candles and light them, and head to bed right after you tuck in the little ones. Not sleeping on an organic mattress? Need new bedding? Head over to The Clean Bedroom so they can hook you up with one of their chemical-free mattresses with a twenty-year warranty and then take it back to the bedroom to get romantic.