Five Ways NinjaZone Keeps Kids Active & Engaged

It’s November and although it’s been unseasonably warm, we know what’s to come. Snow. Cold. Dreary Winter days. It’s especially hard with kids. Kids need to run around and be active, and Indiana Winters are not always conducive to activity.

And then, add in 2020.

Most of the year, the kids have been in virtual school, with all extracurricular activities canceled. How do you keep your kids active while not also driving you crazy?

No one wants their kid to be sedentary, glued to their screens all day, but it’s hard to find that mix of fun and play to keep their interest.

Five Ways NinjaZone Keeps Kids Active

When you think of Ninjas, you probably think of black-cloaked, Ninjutsu masters from the movies. But Ninja sports is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. The craze is everywhere, and we’re lucky enough to have NinjaZone located right here in Central Indiana. Classes are physical, expect your ninja to sweat and work hard during class. Ninjas are also trained in the arts of self-control, patience, and perseverance.

As a parent, here are my top five reasons we chose NinjaZone to help keep my kids active.

A Different Sport

NinjaZone creates a solid general athletic foundation from which a child can grow. We had tried other sports, but struggled to find a good fit for my oldest, Mears. He just wasn’t that into it. We thought, “maybe he’s just not that athletic.” But we’ve found it’s about finding the right sport. The right fit, for the kid, and NinjaZone was that to my kid.

The variations of skills they practice makes it fun for the kids to learn and participate. Ninja incorporates gymnastics, martial arts, parkour, and more. So many skills to learn, there is always something different. If they don’t love the bars, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy. And, classes are never the same. Each week, the skills are the similar, but presented in different ways.

NinjaZone is an activity your child will not outgrow–classes are designed with the individual in mind. So your child learns at their pace, skills can be made easier or more difficult depending on the Ninja.

Obstacle Courses are Fun

Obstacle courses are designed for fun, fitness, and problem-solving, but can be hard to find. The Rig (the NinjaZone obstacle courses) is the centerpiece of the gym and kids are just drawn to it for all of these reasons. It’s something completely out of the ordinary and super fun, every single time they complete it.

The Rig is designed for every skill level, so if your Ninja masters the The Rig one way, there are plenty of other ways to practice. Best of all, obstacle courses like The Rig can improve cardiovascular health and increase the immune system–so important in 2020!

NinjaZone is Mental, Not just Physical

Being active in the cold months, is not just a physical problem. It can be a long time confined indoors and it’s take some patience and practice to get used to. NinjaZone helps with that too. Working on skills for many weeks, sometimes failing but always getting incrementally better teaches resilience.

NinjaZone also teaches self-control. From consistent training on Ninja stance, to the perfect form for a kick, kids learn they have control over their bodies and begin to exercise that control.

Camaraderie Not Competition

Kids are motivated by their peers. While we joined NinjaZone with mostly athletics in mind for our children, we’ve also found a safe space where our children can learn from and connect with others kids who share their same passion–Ninja sports. Students will often stop to cheer on other Ninjas working on a particularly difficult skill. The reason is simple–at NinjaZone, kids compete against themselves, not their each other. So they truly want each other to succeed.

And, when you see the same kids week after week, you begin to build a rapport. It’s not long before seeing your friends is another great reason to go to Ninja class!

NinjaZone is Fun

It’s hard to pry your kids away from the 21st century distractions, even harder during the pandemic. But pure and simple, NinjaZone is just fun. It’s not an activity that I have to force my children to do. It’s an activity the want to do. We try to stay active in the Winter as a family. We take walks and hikes and play snow games all season. But that’s forced fun from the parents, and it’s cold.

NinjaZone is an escape from the everyday. There are trampolines and bars, dummies to kick and places to jump and spin. The variety of equipment and curriculum make each class it’s own experience.

Thank you to NinjaZone Academy for your support of Indy with Kids. While all of the above thoughts, opinions, and stories are my own, I received a complimentary lesson for this sponsored post.

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