Five Ways to Stay Active with Older Kids in Indy

I’m not quite ready to call my second grade 7-year-old an “older” child, but he seems to remind me that he no longer enthusiastically wants to visit a playground like his 4-year-old sister.  As a result, we’ve been discovering some other things to stay active as a family.  These are some activities my son and I have started to enjoy or hope to explore.

older kids activities indy indianapolis fitness teensBiking with Kids in Indianapolis

Recently, Tommy loves biking and we’re started to venture beyond our neighborhood.  There are many parks and playgrounds with trails around Indianapolis.  The Monon Trail can be a great place to bike, but it can also be very busy at peak times on weekends.  Our current favorite place for biking is Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park.  Fort Ben has several paved trails that range from flat and easy to hilly and challenging. Here are some more places to ride bikes in Indy with Kids.

5K Family Runs/Walks in Indianapolis and Central Indiana

This past summer, Tommy and I participated in our first 5K, the Bubble Run, which started our love for family runs. Next, we are planning to participate in is the Halloween Tricks and Treats 5K race at Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park.  Check for even more family friendly runs, walks and 5Ks.


A great way to stay active with your older child is through CrossFit.  CrossFit has really been gaining popularity over the last few years.  Currently, there are over 15 gyms in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Among those 15, there are 10 CrossFit Kids Locations. One of the Kid Locations is CrossFit Dog Fight in Castleton. Programs start at age 7 and run up to age 16.  


There are many YMCA locations around greater Indianapolis and always a lot to do.  For members, children ages 11 and older can workout alongside parents or guardians on the cardio equipment, after passing a test.   Each YMCA is different and each may have specific programs featuring activities with older children. For more overall information, visit their website.


I haven’t been able to get my son to do yoga with me yet, but my 4-year old daughter loves to, even if it’s only at home.  Beyond home-based yoga, there are many parent-and-child opportunities throughout the year at different yoga studio locations.  Coming up, the Yoga Studio will be offering a $10 class on October 16 and November 20 for grades 1-4 and grades 5-8.  Check out Indy with Kids for even more Yoga Classes for Kids.

Don’t forget about the normal things, like taking a walk around your neighborhood, sledding in the winter, ice skating, swimming at the pool (water slides are a plus!) or even hiking when you do hit up a fun public park.

What are some favorite activities in your family for staying active with your older kids?


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