Free Admission to the Children’s Museum This Thursday Night

Free Admission to the Children’s Museum This Thursday Night

Free Admission at Children’s Museum of Indianapolis = a zoo! An organized zoo but wild nonetheless!

On the first Thursday of the month the museum stays open late for Target Family Night which offers free admission to kids and their families from 4-8pm. Several times per year and once a month the museum is open to the public without an admission fee. Before we became members of the Children’s Museum we took the Target Family Night as an opportunity to preview the museum with Lulu and see if it was an age appropriate experience for a 9 month old. It was! There are opportunities and visual interest for EVERY age!

Lulu loved the Playscape area where there is an expansive water table with toys, a sandbox with toys, a padded play area for babies and toddlers and some other really cool areas that she’ll grow into over the next few months.

The Barbie exhibit is still at the museum and the Dora and Diego exhibit is now open and seemed to be really popular. We also checked out the dinosaurs and rode the carousel.

The huge lines and masses of people didn’t allow me to peek into some of the more popular areas (still haven’t seen the planetarium) but the day was fun.

My tips for Free Days at the museum: Get there early! Parking lots fill up and lines get long but if you are early you’ll be at the front of everything! Check out the uncovered lot parking on the right side of the street. It was raining so maybe that’s why it wasn’t full and there was no line when we arrived? The parking structure had a line several blocks long just to get in.

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