Free Family Gardening Workshop – Bloom Together

Free Family Gardening Workshop – Bloom Together
family garden workshopIndy with Kids in partnership with Fall Creek Gardens is proud to present our first ever event, Family Gardening Workshop – Bloom Together. A free gardening workshop for families.
This summer, grow some family memories in the garden. We’ll teach you and your children some easy, repeatable skills for gardening at home or in a community garden. Families will participate in hands on planting experiences, learn a little bit of science and take home plants for their own gardens. Don’t have a lot of space at home for a garden? You’ll learn about community garden opportunities and small space gardens too! Gardening provides exercise and fresh food, develops communication skills, builds relationships and provides opportunities to work towards common goals as a family.
(FREE) Family Gardening Workshop – Bloom Together
Tuesday, May 21st 6-7:30pm at Fall Creek Gardens (3005 Central Avenue, Indianapolis, IN)

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