Free Museum Day at Many Indiana Museums

Free Museum Day at Many Indiana Museums

On Saturday, September 29th your family has an opportunity to check out one of many museums in Indiana for the Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day. Below I’ve listed a few of the locations that I would check out because they are free, they are close (most of them) and I’d really like to visit. Sadly, only two tickets are available per house hold, so choose wisely!

You will need a ticket which you can find on this website and you can anticipate having to wait if the museum is too full. No matter where you choose to go or who you choose to go with, you will love this opportunity! Enjoy!

Why not visit the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site? Lulu and I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much as some of the others but what a treat for those interested in Victorian architecture, past presidents and the growth of Indianapolis.

Conner Prairie Interactive History Park is always a favorite for families with children – especially those who love to touch everything! You won’t find very many “Please do not touch” signs here!

Indiana Historical Society is a great place to visit to get to know more about Indiana’s rich history. You’ll enjoy the interactive Indiana Experience Exhibits.

We took Lulu to the Indiana State Museum and we had a lot of fun. The exhibits are interactive and interesting.

One of our favorite Indianapolis outings is the Indianapolis Museum of Art. We’ve never taken part and visited any paid exhibits because we enjoy all of the free activities, this day would be a good day to get into the exhibits that have an admission fee.

Can you believe that we’ve NEVER been to the Rhythm Discovery Center?! See what I mean about this being the coolest day ever? Too many choices!

While it’s a bit of a drive, this might be the perfect excuse to head up to the Muncie Children’s Museum! We’ve been trying to get there forever and just haven’t made the time yet! Maybe today?

The Museum Of Miniature Houses and Other Collections in Carmel is a tiny place of perfection for miniature enthusiast to check out. We love to peer into the tiny homes that are displayed at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum and so this place may just be a slice of heaven for our family!

Want to see where else this opportunity lies in Indiana and beyond? Click here for a complete list of Indiana participating museums.

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